Welcome to the Misconduct Prevention Page

Please take a few minutes to look through the options for taking a course. All participants, whether taking the training online or in class will need to read the Prevention of Sexual Misconduct Manual. Please click here to download the manual.

Who to Contact

Registrar: Vicky Bickel, vbickel@thediocese.net, 800-DIOCESE ext., 1038

What Vicky Handles: Setting up workshops, managing the calendar of workshops, registration lists for trainers and administrators, questions about certificates (see note below).

Staff Liaison: Ed Keithly, ekeithly@thediocese.net, 800-DIOCESE ext., 1015

What Ed Handles: Questions related to diocesan policy, questions about unique cases not addressed in Guide on Who Needs Training or the Diocesan Policy Manual.

Chair of Committee on Prevention of Sexual Misconduct: Carolyn Voldrich

Resources for Misconduct Prevention

For information on all of your church's misconduct prevention needs see the resources page.

Guide on Who Needs Training

Have questions about who needs to attend which training? Please download these guidelines.

Options for Misconduct Prevention Training

Congregations have five options to fulfill misconduct prevention training requirements:

  1. Attend one of the scheduled workshops offered on the Calendar of Workshops*. These workshops are free of charge.  Please register for these workshops online.
  2. Take online misconduct prevention workshops. Have your rector or parish administrator contact the registrar to set up this training. Please note: this method is not recommended for those receiving training for the first time, but we understand that attending an in-person training is not possible for everyone. Read more on this option in the Guide to Who Needs Training.
  3. Hire a CPSM certified trainer to lead the workshop at another time and place. Congregations interested in on-site training may wish to use this option. Trainers’ fees are $150 per workshop, with mileage reimbursement as needed. To find a certified trainer for your church, please contact the registrar.

  4. Have a member of your parish certified as a trainer. Click here for more information.
  5. Clergy with current certification are eligible to teach child abuse prevention and adult misconduct prevention workshops. For more on this and to get a copy of the trainer script, please contact the registrar.

*Note on Calendar of Workshops: This page is used as a way for churches to pool resources, publicizing workshops hosted by churches throughout the year on the prevention of child abuse and the prevention of adult misconduct so that members of the wider diocesan community can attend. Regional Councils are encouraged to coordinate training needs and opportunities with one another.

Online Training Issues? You likely need an updated log-in/enrollment guide. Ask your rector or parish administrator to email the registrar.

Training Certificates 

The diocesan offices keep training certificates on file for clergy, but not for laity. After you complete a training, you should keep a copy for yourself and give a copy to your church to be kept on file.