Misconduct Prevention (Safe Church)

Options for Misconduct Prevention Training

Congregations have five options to fulfill misconduct prevention training requirements at the discretion of the rector (or proxy):

  1. Take online misconduct prevention workshops (free of charge). Important: Please be certain that your rector/parish administrator (or proxy) has approved you taking the course online – we recommend in-person training if it's your first time being trained, but ultimately how someone gets trained is at the discretion of the rector. Training must be renewed every 10 years.
  2. Attend in-person workshops* (free of charge). Please be sure to register, following the link on each calendar event. 
  3. Hire a certified trainer to lead the workshop at another time and place. Trainers’ fees are $150 per workshop, with mileage reimbursement as needed. Contact Vicky Bickel.
  4. Have a member of your parish certified as a trainer. Click here for more information.
  5. Clergy with current certification (debuted summer 2016) are eligible to teach child abuse prevention and adult misconduct prevention workshops. For more on this and to get a copy of the trainer script, please contact Vicky Bickel.

*Note on Calendar of Workshops: This page is used as a way for churches to publicize the trainings they offer and allow others to attend. The trainings listed on the calendar are not scheduled by the diocesan offices, with the exception of trainings at Annual Convention and some conferences at Shrine Mont. Regions are encouraged to coordinate training needs and opportunities with one another.

August 2018 Update: More Offerings, More Accessibility

  • Rector’s Discretion in Training: It’s at the discretion of the rector (or proxy) to decide the appropriate training method—in-person or online. We still recommend that those being trained for the first time receive in-person training, but it is ultimately our desire that everyone who needs training gets training. Training must be renewed every 10 years. 
  • Online SMPT for LEVs: Online misconduct prevention training is now available to Lay Eucharistic Visitors. The release of the course “Recognizing Abuse and Exploitation in Elder Serving Programs” made this possible.
  • Quick Start Guide now online: The online training “Quick Start Guide” is now available directly from the SMPT webpage. Churches no longer need to request the guide from Vicky Bickel.
  • In-Person Training Certification: Clergy who have been trained in the most recent curriculum (debuted summer 2016) are eligible to teach the training to staff and volunteers.

Policy Manual (Required Reading for Any Training)

Handouts & Other Resources

Forms for Parishes

Reporting & Response

Training Certificates 

The diocesan offices keep training certificates on file for clergy, but not for laity. After you complete a training, you should keep a copy for yourself and give a copy to your church to be kept on file.

If you took the training online, you can print the certificate using the “Print Certificate” button on the online training homepage. (It's likely that some courses will say "incomplete" because they are not required for your specific ministry.) If you lose your username.password, follow the links where it says "Forgot your username or password?" on the login page. 

Who to Contact

  • Registrar: Vicky Bickel, vbickel@thediocese.net, 800-DIOCESE ext., 1038
    • What Vicky Handles: Setting up workshops, managing the calendar of workshops, registration lists for trainers and administrators, questions about certificates for clergy (see note above).
  • Staff Liaison: Ed Keithly, ekeithly@thediocese.net, 800-DIOCESE ext., 1015
  • Chair of Committee on Prevention of Sexual Misconduct: Carolyn Voldrich