A-Z Staff Directory

Take a moment to get to know the faces of your diocesan staff. We are here to serve you.

You’ll find most of us based out of Mayo Memorial Church House, a cool, 1840s mansion in downtown Richmond, and we also have an office at The Falls Church. But those buildings aren’t where “the Diocese” is located. The Diocese is all of us, from Heathsville to Harrisonburg and from Richmond to Reston, who join together as a church community with a common mission. The diocesan staffers are just the ones here to help make those connections and help you build up those ministries.

So give us a call, send us an e-mail or even invite us to your parish. We’d love to get the chance to know you better.

The Diocese of Virginia is an equal opportunity employer that actively seeks diverse fields of candidates to fill staff vacancies.

The Diocesan Offices at Mayo House
110 W. Franklin St.
Richmond, VA 23220
800-DIOCESE (346-2373)
Fax: 804-644-6928

The Northern Virginia Office at the Falls Church*
115 East Fairfax St.
Falls Church, VA 22046
800-DIOCESE (346-2373) x1033

*Bishop Ihloff, Kate Wettstein and Erin Monaghan Kamran's office

Paris Ball »

Minister for Christian Formation & Camps, x1042

Paris joined the bishop’s staff in February 2006. In her capacity as director of Christian Formation, Paris oversees summer camps and the Parish Youth Ministry group, as well as ministries for youth, youth leaders and young adults.

Rick Barber »

IT Consultant, x1018

Rick joined the diocesan staff part-time in 2013 to support the IT infrastructure at Mayo House. He is a graduate of VCU with a degree in social sciences and business and has earned various certifications in the IT field to support his 19 years of experience.

Sissy Bice  »

Benefits Coordinator, x1047

Sissy joined the staff at Mayo house as Benefits Coordinator in February 2016. She is excited at the prospect of meeting and helping people within the Diocese with their benefit needs.

Vicky Bickel »

Assistant for Vocation & Transition, x1038

Vicky Bickel assists transition ministry with the search process for clergy and congregations, and Ed Keithly, vocational development minister, with the ordination process.

Mary Anne Bryant »

Assistant, Mission, Outreach and Diversity, x1017

Mary Anne Bryant serves as the assistant to the director of Mission, Outreach and Diversity helping coordinate mission activities.

Nancy Chafin  »

Minister for Communications, x1029

Nancy Chafin’s role is to communicate diocesan news and information to all members of the Diocese and to share the mission of the Diocese and its churches with the wider public. Nancy oversees the diocesan social media, the Virginia Episcopalian, media relations and other communications. She also provides guidance and assistance to parishes in their own communications efforts.

Sierra Gore »

Project Coordinator, x1048

Sierra Gore is diocesan Project Coordinator. In this role, she will work with Bishop Goff and senior staff to coordinate ongoing and seasonal projects in communications, governance and infrastructure.

John Herrera  »

Sexton, x1028

Laura Hicks »

Assistant, Trustees of the Funds, x1040

In 2015 Laura transitioned from benefits administrator to assistant for the Trustees of the Funds. She is a member of St. Mark’s, Richmond, where she serves as treasurer.

Stephanie Higgins   »

Diocesan Development Officer, x1031

Stephanie Gurnsey Higgins is the diocesan development officer identifying and pursing new sources of financial support for the diocesan programs.

Aisha Huertas »

Minister for Mission, Outreach and Diversity, x1021

Aisha Huertas serves as the multicultural officer, fulfilling one of the bishop's five diocesan priorities. Previously, Aisha served as communications director.

Stas Jones »

Financial Administrator, x1022

Erin Monaghan Kamran »

Communications Associate, x1016

As Communications Associate, Erin manages the diocesan website, social media, and e-Communique.

Ed Keithly »

Vocational Development Minister, x1015

As Vocational Development Minister, Ed seeks to provide a healthy trajectory from discernment to deployment (and beyond) for the clergy of this diocese. He manages the discernment and ordination process; clergy support vehicles like Fresh Start, New Clergy Orientation, and New Rector Orientation; and guides parishes seeking to call associate rectors.

Mike Kerr »

CEO, Trustees of the Funds, x1020

In 2014 Mike transitioned from the office of treasurer to his new position as CEO of the Trustees of the Funds. He is also an officer of the Diocesan Missionary Society, the lending organization of the diocese.

Bill Martin »

Assistant to the Secretary, x1025

Bill began his work as the assistant to the secretary of the Diocese in October 2012 and comes to the Diocese after a career in planning and community development.

Megan Nolde »

Registrar & Communications Assistant for Shrine Mont Camps, x1043

Megan is the Registrar and Communications Assistant for Shrine Mont Camps.

Julia Randle »

Registrar and Historiographer, x1045

As the registrar and historiographer of the Diocese of Virginia, Julia is responsible for developing an archives of diocesan records, researching historical topics for staff, and professional and non-professional scholars, and providing historical and archival assistance to congregations.

Karen Salter »

Minister for Staff Development

Karen Salter is the diocesan Director of Staff Development. She will serve in this part-time position for six months. During that time, Karen will focus on training, strengthening and helping to recalibrate the vital work of the diocesan staff. 

Julie Simonton »

Minister for Congregational Development & Stewardship, x1035

Julie provides hands-on guidance and resources to congregations in all areas of congregational life, focusing especially on development, including robust stewardship, creative hospitality and spiritual health.

Karen Smith »

Receptionist, x1010

Karen Smith became the receptionist at the Diocese in 2001, and is known as the “voice of the Diocese."

Ted Smith  »

Treasurer and Secretary, x1046

Ted joined the Diocese in May 2014. Prior to coming to the Diocese, Ted held finance roles in the non-profit and corporate worlds, including the University of Virginia Investment Management Company and Genworth Financial.

The Rev. Dr. Mary Brennan Thorpe   »

Canon to the Ordinary, x1013

The Rev. Dr. Mary Brennan Thorpe serves as Canon to the Ordinary, assisting the Bishop in the care of parishes and priests as they serve God’s people. She oversees transition ministry, clergy disciplinary matters, the vocational process, and a variety of other tasks relating to the health and vitality of congregations.

Kate Wettstein »

Assistant to Bishop Ihloff, x1033

Kate works at the Diocese's northern Virginia office, located in The Falls Church, Falls Church.