A-Z Staff Directory

Take a moment to get to know the faces of your diocesan staff. We are here to serve you.

You’ll find most of us based out of Mayo Memorial Church House, a cool, 1840s mansion in downtown Richmond, and we also have an office at The Falls Church. But those buildings aren’t where “the Diocese” is located. The Diocese is all of us, from Heathsville to Harrisonburg and from Richmond to Reston, who join together as a church community with a common mission. The diocesan staffers are just the ones here to help make those connections and help you build up those ministries.

So give us a call, send us an e-mail or even invite us to your parish. We’d love to get the chance to know you better.

The Diocese of Virginia is an equal opportunity employer that actively seeks diverse fields of candidates to fill staff vacancies.

The Diocesan Offices at Mayo House
110 W. Franklin St.
Richmond, VA 23220
800-DIOCESE (346-2373)
Fax: 804-644-6928

The Northern Virginia Office at the Falls Church*
115 East Fairfax St.
Falls Church, VA 22046
800-DIOCESE (346-2373) x1033

*Bishop Ihloff, Kate Wettstein and Erin Monaghan Kamran's office

Paris Ball »

Minister for Christian Formation & Camps, x1042

Check out the Office of Formation website and the Shrine Mont Camps website to learn more about how Paris can help you and your congregation. Contact Paris with questions about anything related to “formation.” She can’t wait to help!

Rick Barber »

IT Consultant, x1018

Rick Barber is an IT Consultant for the Diocese of Virginia, where he oversees telecommunications, network and desktop support.

Vicky Bickel »

Assistant for Vocation & Transition, x1038

Contact Vicky if you have questions about employee background checks or misconduct prevention training.

The Rev. Sarah Brockenbrough »

Transition Minister, x1019

As Transition Minister, the Rev. Sarah Brockenbrough manages and oversees the deployment and transition process for clergy and congregations to ensure a faithful and successful process of calling clergy to new cures in the diocese. She also assists clergy as they discern whether God is calling them to a new opportunity to serve, within the Diocese of Virginia or beyond.

Paige Carnohan »

Financial Associate, x1047

Contact Paige for assistance with processing enrollments, and making changes to medical, dental, life, and disability benefits.

Nancy Chafin  »

Minister for Communications, x1029

Contact Nancy for assistance with church communicator trainings, best resources and vendors for church communications, media and public relations, and story ideas for the Virginia Episcopalian.

Mark Eastham »

Secretary and Chief of Staff, x1030

Mark Eastham is Secretary and Chief of Staff. In this role, Mark coordinates diocesan convention, provides leadership and support to governance bodies of the Diocese, and oversees diocesan staff development.

Sierra Gore »

Project Coordinator, x1023

Contact Sierra if you want to know more about Parish Youth Ministries or have fresh ideas for the Diocese!

John Herrera  »

Sexton, x1028

John Herrera is the Sexton of the Diocese of Virginia, where he oversees the upkeep and preservation of the historic Mayo Memorial Church House and its grounds.

Stephanie Higgins   »

Minister for Diocesan Development and Giving, x1031

Contact Stephanie for assistance with starting your planned giving program, online giving, and for exciting ways to articulate the impact of your church.

Aisha Huertas »

Minister for Missional Engagement, x1021

Contact Aisha for assistance with mission opportunities, Beloved Community, racial reconciliation and dialogue trainings, and creation care opportunities.

Stas Jones »

Financial Administrator, x1022

Erin Monaghan Kamran »

Communications Associate, x1016

Contact Erin for assistance with sharing events happening at your church, questions about our website and for pointers on how to improve your church’s social media.

Ed Keithly »

Vocational Development Minister, x1015

Contact Ed about discernment and ordination; clergy support vehicles like Fresh Start, New Clergy Orientation, and New Rector Orientation; and placements for recent ordinands and associate rector searches.

Anita Lisk »

Executive Assistant to the Bishop, x1048

As Executive Assistant, Anita coordinates the visitations of all Virginia Bishops to congregations, schools and other diocesan organizations; coordinates Bishop Goff's travel and daily schedule; oversees a variety of functions required by the Canons; and works with diocesan staff, clergy and lay leaders to advance the mission of the Church.

Bill Martin »

Assistant to the Secretary, x1025

Contact Bill for assistance with certificates of election for lay delegates and alternates to Annual Convention and governance questions.

Megan Nolde »

Registrar & Communications Assistant for Shrine Mont Camps, x1043

Contact Megan for assistance registering for camp, if you’re interested in working for camp, or if you have questions about showing art at Mayo House.

Julia Randle »

Registrar and Historiographer, x1045

As the registrar and historiographer of the Diocese of Virginia, Julia is responsible for developing an archives of diocesan records, researching historical topics for staff, and professional and non-professional scholars, and providing historical and archival assistance to congregations.

Julie Simonton »

Minister for Congregational Development & Stewardship, x1035

Julie provides hands-on guidance and resources to congregations in all areas of congregational life, focusing especially on development, including robust stewardship, creative hospitality and spiritual health.

Karen Smith »

Receptionist, x1010

As the Receptionist and minister of hospitality for the Diocese of Virginia, Karen is one of the first people you will meet or speak with at Mayo House.

Ted Smith  »

Treasurer and Secretary, x1046

Ted joined the Diocese in May 2014. Prior to coming to the Diocese, Ted held finance roles in the non-profit and corporate worlds, including the University of Virginia Investment Management Company and Genworth Financial.

The Rev. Dr. Mary Brennan Thorpe   »

Canon to the Ordinary, x1013

The Rev. Dr. Mary Brennan Thorpe is Canon to the Ordinary. She assists Bishop Goff in the joyful mission goal of healthy, vibrant parishes served by healthy, creative clergy. She oversees the parish transition process, vocations and vocational formation, clergy discipline (Title IV) and conflict resolution in the parish setting.

Kate Wettstein »

Assistant to Bishop Ihloff, x1033

Contact Kate when you have questions about lay minister or clergy licensing, bishops’ visitations, and other church administration and activities of the bishops’ offices.

Monty »

Chief Shredding Officer

Monty is a Staffordshire bull terrier mix who came to Richmond from Cumberland County. He found his forever home with Bill Martin and has become the chief shredding officer at Mayo House and is a lovable mascot for the entire staff.