General Convention

General Convention is the triennial meeting of the Episcopal Church. The last General Convention took place in July 2015 in Salt Lake City. The next Convention will take place July 5 -13, 2018 in Austin, Texas.

Visit the General Convention offices online.

The current class of deputies to General Convention for the Diocese of Virginia are:


Clergy Alternate

The Rev. Lucia Lloyd                                                        The Rev. Jane Piver
The Rev. Dr. Robert Prichard The Rev. Barbara Marques
The Rev. J. Randolph Alexander The Rev. Christopher Agnew
The Rev. Justin McIntosh  



Lay Alternate

Mr. JP Causey Jr.- Chair of Deputation Ms. Ellyn Crawford
Ms. Cynthia Bartol  Ms. Betsy Anderson
Mr. Russell Randle Mr. Steve Walker 
Ms. Helen Spence Mr. Patrick Keyser 


Submit questions or comments to the deputation to The deputation will respond as necessary.