Deans & Regional Presidents

The Deans of the 16 regions of the Diocese of Virginia are appointed by the Bishop and are the Bishop’s representatives in each region. Together with the Presidents of the regions, they lead their regional council in ensuring the ministrations of the church area available to all persons in each region. The Archdean works with the Bishop to plan Dean's meetings and to support the ministry of deans.  

The Presidents of the 16 regions of the Diocese of Virginia are elected by each Regional Council. Each Regional Council is composed of members elected by the churches within each region. The Presidents work with the Deans of each region to convene the Regional Council and ensure the ministrations of the church are available to all persons within the region. Regional Councils also elect representatives to the Executive Board.

Deans and Regional Presidents for 2023



The Very Rev. Gary Barker (email)
Archdean | Appointed 2022
Kingston Parish, Mathews


Alexandria Region


The Very Rev. Robin Razzino (email)
Dean | Appointed 2022
St. Clements, Alexandria

Alexandria Region website

Ms. Susan Hahn (email)
Christ Church, Alexandria

Arlington Region


The Very Rev. Beth Franklin (email)
Dean | Appointed 2022
St. Michael's, Arlington

Mr. Peter Wehmann (email)
St. Andrew's, Arlington

Central Richmond Region 


The Very Rev. Dr. Charlie Dupree (email)
Dean |  Appointed 11/2020
St. Paul's, Richmond

Mr. Larry Clark (email)
St. Philip's, Richmond

Charlottesville Region


The Very Rev. G. Miles Smith (email)
Dean | Appointed 2022
Grace, Keswick


Culpeper Region


The Very Rev. Elizabeth Keeler (email)
Dean | Appointed 2022
Trinity, Washington

Ms. Cady Soukup (email)
Trinity, Washington

Fredericksburg Region


The Very Rev. Kyle Tomlin (email)
Dean | Appointed 2020
Church of the Messiah, Fredericksburg



North Fairfax Region


The Very Rev. Fran Gardner-Smith (email)
Dean | Appointed 8/2019
St. Thomas, McLean

North Fairfax Region website

Dr. Chris Cameron (email)
St. Anne's, Reston

North Richmond Region


The Very Rev. Katherine Dougherty (email)
Dean | Appointed 2022
All Souls, Mechanicsville

Dr. George Spagna (email)
St. James the Less, Ashland

Northern Neck Region


The Very Rev. Rod Gordon (email)
Dean | Appointed 2022
St. Peter's, Oak Grove

Ms. Linda Hutt (email)

St. Paul's, Nomini Grove

Northern Piedmont Region


The Very Rev. Pierre-Henry Buisson (email)
Dean | Appointed 2022
Emmanuel, Delaplane

Mr. Bruce LeLacheur (email)
Grace, The Plains
Northern Piedmont Region

Northern Shenandoah Region


The Very Rev. Justin Ivatts (email)
Dean | Appointed 2022
Clarke Parish, Berryville

Ms. Martha Griffin (email)
Christ Church, Winchester

Potomac Region


The Very Rev. Lynn Ronaldi (email)
Dean | Appointed 2022
Pohick, Lorton

Mr. Jim Bailes (email)
St. Mark's, Alexandria

South Fairfax Region


The Very Rev. Susan Hartzell (email)
Dean | Appointed 7/2019
St. Peter's in the Woods, Fairfax Station

Ms. Cindy McLaughlin (email)
St. Barnabas, Annandale

Southern Shenandoah Valley Region


The Very Rev. Kathleen Murray (email)
Dean | Appointed 3/2022
St. Andrew's, Mount Jackson, and Emmanuel, Woodstock

Ms. Marcia Brownfield (email)
St. Andrew's, Mt. Jackson

Upper Tidewater Region


The Very Rev. Gary Barker (email)
Dean | Appointed 3/2019
Kingston Parish, Mathews

Ms. Mary Williams Montague (email)
Ware, Gloucester

West Richmond Region


The Very Rev. Steve Schlossberg (email)
Dean | Appointed 2022
St. Matthew's Richmond

West Richmond Region Facebook group

Mr. Tom Crockett (email)
Christ Church, Glen Allen