R-1s Justice, Pay Equity, and Leadership

Resolved, that this 221st Council of the Diocese of Virginia supports pay equity and equitable hiring practices for all women clergy in the Diocese of Virginia; and be it further

Resolved, that the Bishop is hereby asked to establish a task force to examine best practices in calling clergy, including associate clergy, and recommend before our next annual diocesan meeting ways for our diocese and our parishes to improve our collective record in deploying and paying female clergy as we work to overcome the residual effects of past discrimination.

R-2 Support for Syrian and other Refugees

Resolved, that The Diocese of Virginia commend Episcopal Migration Ministries, the refugee resettlement service of the National Episcopal Church, for its response to the refugee crisis in the Middle East, particularly its leadership in prayer and advocacy for and resettlement of refugees in this country, and be it further

Resolved, that this 221st Annual Council urge the Bishop of Virginia to appoint a diocesan liaison to Episcopal Migration Ministries to begin a process of discernment about growing our ministries to refugees including prayer, advocacy and resettlement within the Diocese and elsewhere, and be it further

Resolved, that this Council urge interested parishes of the Diocese of Virginia to provide support to assist existing and possible future local resettlement agencies with the integration of Syrian and other refugees being resettled within the Diocese of Virginia, and be it further

Resolved, that the Diocese of Virginia encourage interested parishes to support and, as appropriate, partner with the Episcopal Church in Jordan (part of the Diocese of Jerusalem) in its efforts to support Syrian and other refugees temporarily within Jordan including, as appropriate, preparation for their integration and resettlement within the Diocese of Virginia and elsewhere.

R-3s No Guns in God’s House

Resolved, that the Diocese of Virginia continues to support the strengthening of measures that address the reduction of gun violence; and further,

Resolved, that lay and ordained leaders in each parish in the Diocese of Virginia be aware of the statutes regarding weapons in places of worship, educate their parishioners regarding the issue of gun violence, and prayerfully consider how they can work to reduce the possibility of gun violence through measures such as the creation of “safe spaces” on church property; and further,

Resolved, that the 221st Diocesan Council recommends that no firearms of any kind or other dangerous weapons shall be permitted during worship services or meetings for religious purposes in the facilities of any church or diocesan institution in the Diocese of Virginia except for law enforcement purposes, humane animal control, and other circumstances as determined by lay and ordained leaders.