2016 Award Winners

Meet Me in Galilee Award:  St. Philip’s and St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

The Committee on Race and Reconciliation would like to present the Meet Me in Galilee Award to St. Philip’s, Richmond and St. Paul’s, Richmond for their parish response to the challenge of making meaning out of the death of Trayvon Martin by engaging in a dialogue in the summer of 2013.  They started out with dinners for the congregations discussing issues of race, first independently and then together.  Following these packed-house gatherings, groups of parishioners elected to go further.  For St. Philip’s the work with St. Paul’s has given them a great deal of hope that real change can occur if all are prepared to work side by side with brothers and sisters in Christ from all racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

The impact for St. Paul’s resulted to shift the way the parish understands and represents history, to make their sanctuary a place for all people.  Much of the ministry of these two parishes has been a willingness to expose the wounds of tragedy and the challenge continues to be to anticipate the Resurrection at the end of this hard journey.


The Harriet “Happy” Pullman Award:  Mrs. Lynn Richardson Martin from Emmanuel, Harrisonburg

Mrs. Lynn Richardson has been chosen to receive The Harriet “Happy” Pullman Award.  Mrs. Richardson was a founding member of Open Doors, the local thermal shelter run in churches.  She has been the driving force behind Emmanuel, Harrisonburg’s involvement.  In addition to her work with Open Doors, Mrs. Richardson revitalized the Food Pantry at Emmanuel, making it a part of the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank and participant in the USDA food program.  Outside her volunteer work with the church, Mrs. Richardson serves her community by growing produce in the community garden and working with Skyline Literacy as a mentor, teaching English as a second language as well as English reading and writing to illiterate English speakers.


The Bishop’s Outreach Award:  Revion IV – Lazarus Ministry

The Very Rev. John Hortum and Beth Wiggers, Region IV President will be accepting The Bishop’s Outreach Award for Region IV’s, West End Lazarus Ministry Program.  The eight churches of Region IV and the Outreach Committee of Goodwin House have worked together to reach beyond their church walls to those in need in Alexandria.  This ministry is a prime example of innovative and effective service to the poor by a diverse and dedicated group of people.  The realization of this ministry has been a God-filled process.


The Bigger-Power Award:  Region I and Emmanuel, Greenwood

 There are two nominees being given awards for The Bigger-Power Award.  The first is Region I for their ministry to nursing home and retirement communities located in the region.  This ministry is lay lead providing worship to those who have few opportunities to worship.  Ms. Sharon Boivin will be accepting on behalf of Region I.

Emmanuel, Greenwood Parish has a mission partnership with Mountainside Senior Living.  This partnership started with a bi-weekly Tea Party and has developed into youth participation from the church helping to bridge the gap between generations.  The Rev. Christopher Garcia will be accepting this award on behalf of the church.