2017 Standing Committee

The Standing Committee is a 12-member elected council of advice to the bishop. In certain circumstances (see the diocesan Canons) the Standing Committee is the ecclesiastical authority of the Diocese of Virginia in the absence of the Bishop. The Standing Committee is involved in a number of matters including church indebtedness and the ordination process. Four members (two clergy and two lay) are elected to three-year terms each year by the Annual Council. View Committee meeting dates.

Standing Committee for the Current Year (2017)

The Rev. Jo J. Belser Resurrection, Alexandria  2017 President
Mr. Roger A Inger St. Paul's on the Hill, Winchester 2017  
The Rev. Herbert H. Jones Our Saviour, Montpelier 2017  
Mr. William H. Pennell Jr. St. Mary's, Whitechapel 2017  
Ms. Helen Spence St. Christopher's, Springfield 2018 Secretary
Mr. Steven Wachenfeld Grace, Keswick 2018  
The Rev. Elaine Thomas St. Paul's Memorial, Charlottesville 2018  
The Rev. Randy Alexander Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill, Alexandria 2018  
The Rev. Grant Ambrose  Ware, Gloucester 2019  
Ms. Besty Anderson St. Alban's, Annadale 2019  
Mr. Brad Davenport  Grace & Holy Trinity 2019  
The Rev. Carol Hancock  St. John's, Centreville 2019   


Standing Committee and the Approval of Church Debt

There are two Virginia Canons that speak directly to the obligations of a church when considering the question of debt and the encumbering of church property: Canon 14 (Creation of Church Debt) and Canon 15 (Church Property). Please read these Canons and if you have any questions, please call the diocesan office at 1-800-DIOCESE and ask for the treasurer of the Diocese. You may also email questions to Ted Smith.

Procedural Documents

The Standing Committee takes its canonical duties very seriously with regard to the approval of church debt. Please see the links below for all relevant information. While the majority of the requests heard by the Standing Committee relate to Canon 14.1.a, there is a second type of debt approval and that involves operating debt. A different debt threshold exists for Canon 14.1.b and the process for such requests is found in the last item below.