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R-1: Adoption of the “Way of Love” Rule of Life in the Diocese of Virginia

Resolved, by the 224th Convention of the Diocese of Virginia, that Convention adopt, as the primary focus of our Diocesan ministry until General Convention 2021, the three priorities set forth by our Presiding Bishop and General Convention as the Episcopal Branch of the Jesus Movement for the next three years:

  • Evangelism
  • Racial Reconciliation
  • Care of Creation; and be it further

Resolved, that Convention acknowledge and celebrate the good work of the Diocesan Racial Reconciliation Committee and the Diocesan Care of Creation Committee; and be it further

Resolved, that we recognize that The Episcopal Church (TEC) has prepared excellent resources, entitled the Way of Love Rule of Life, available for use throughout TEC as an effective means to equip us better for more effective Christian ministry, including evangelism, racial reconciliation and care of creation; and therefore, be it further

Resolved, that in order to carry out these priorities more effectively than we have to date, Convention recognize that each lay and clergy leader in our diocese must model Christian discipleship more intentionally and help our people and congregations live more fully into the robust practice of our Christian faith; and be it further

Resolved, that Convention ask that each parish vestry member, lay and clergy diocesan convention delegate, rector and vicar:

  • Make a signed public commitment to follow the Way of Love Rule of Life set forth by our Presiding Bishop, and endorsed by General Convention, with copies of the signed commitments sent to the Office of Bishop;
  • Make education about and training of their congregations about practicing this Rule of Life a primary focus of their congregational work and ministry in the coming year, doing so by means best adapted to the needs of each congregation; and be it further

Resolved, that the Office of the Bishop is asked, by November 16 to publicly designate a person on Diocesan staff to respond to requests for assistance in helping congregations as they work to implement this rule of life and to compile written commitments to practice this Rule of Life and related reports; and be it further

Resolved, that each congregation’s rector (or vicar) and senior warden shall jointly report in writing to the Bishop and to their Regional President about each congregation’s progress in such adoption, training, and practice of the Way of Love Rule of Life, with the first report due on Ash Wednesday, and the second due by Trinity Sunday; and be it further

Resolved, that the Executive Board, and each Regional President, shall publicly report in writing by September 15, 2019 about the progress made by congregations in each region in implementing this resolution, including steps to cooperate among congregations in doing so, making recommendations for improvements and next steps in such implementation; and be it further

Resolved, that such reports shall be posted on the Diocesan website by September 30, 2019, and be it further

Resolved, that our Bishop is asked to evaluate and report in detail to the 225th Annual Convention about lessons learned and recommended next steps.

Submitted by the Diocese of Virginia's 79th General Convention Deputation: 

Mr. J.P. Causey, Mr. Russ Randle, Ms. Cindi Bartol, Ms. Helen Spence, Ms. Ellyn Crawford, the Rev. Lucia Lloyd, the Rev. Dr. Robert Prichard, the Rev. Randy Alexander, the Rev. Justin McIntosh and the Rev. Jane Piver.

Courtesy Resolutions

CR-1: The Rev. Dr. Donald Binder

Whereas, the Reverend Dr. Donald D. Binder has faithfully served the congregation of Pohick Episcopal Church for 17 years as Rector; strengthening the congregation and its spiritual ties to the community; initiating multiple new ministries that have equipped and empowered his flock to nurture their spiritual gifts; and holding the Pohick Church together during difficult times in the Episcopal Church and in the Diocese of Virginia, through his provision of openness, acceptance and the encouragement of differing views, and by setting an example of allowing space for all viewpoints to thrive;

Whereas, Fr. Binder has promoted and maintained exceptional stewardship of the History of the Pohick Church, protecting the buildings, grounds, and historical documents, and overseeing renovations, repairs and improvements exceeding a half million dollars, raised by the congregation and endowments above the annual budget;

Whereas, Fr. Binder has served the Diocese of Virginia in numerous capacities, including Dean of Potomac Region (VI), providing pastoral oversight of eleven congregations in the Potomac Region (IV); Chair of the Commission on Liturgy & Music from 2007-2011, providing oversight for diocesan liturgical services, including ordinations and consecrations, developing liturgical and musical resources, and hosting liturgical and musical workshops at diocesan gatherings; and Field Education Mentor of 7 seminarians from the Virginia Theological Seminary;

Whereas, Fr. Binder has provided chaplaincy of George Washington’s Mt. Vernon and George Mason’s Gunston Hall, strengthening and maintaining  an enduring partnership with Mt. Vernon, the Ladies of Mt. Vernon, and Regents of Gunston Hall;

Whereas, Fr. Binder has offered opening prayer at the beginning of the Virginia State Legislature for 17 years;

Whereas, Fr. Binder has raised our awareness of the Persecuted Church, led two pilgrimages to St. George’s College in the Holy Land, and taught enlightening short courses on many aspects of the Bible, church history and Christian development/living;

Whereas, the Pohick Church music programs have flourished through Fr. Binder’s participation and leadership, growing significantly over the past 17 years;

Whereas, Fr. Binder  has composed, arranged, and performed ‘ShrineMont Soliloquies,’ a twelve-track CD of Christian themed songs;

Whereas, Fr. Binder has created a liturgy, ‘The Way of Light’,  endorsed by the 223rd Convention of the Diocese of Virginia and adopted by the 2018 General Convention of the Episcopal Church for inclusion in the next revision of “The Book of Occasional Services”;

Whereas, Fr. Binder has authored “Into the Temple Courts” The Place of the Synagogues in the Second Temple Period, 1999; co-authored “The Ancient Synagogue from Its Origins to 200 C.E.: A Source Book, 2008; and co-edited “A City Set on a Hill: Essays in Honor of James F. Strange, 2014;

Whereas, Fr. Binder has accepted a three-year appointment to serve as Chaplain to The Most Reverend Suheil Dawani, Archbishop of Jerusalem and the Middle East, where he will accompany the Archbishop on his monthly visits to the diocesan church and hospital in the volatile Gaza strip, and assist the Archbishop with the oversight of our congregations in Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and Iran;

Resolved, the 224th Annual Convention of the Diocese of Virginia commends, congratulates and thanks the Rev. Dr. Donald D. Binder, his wife Christine Binder and their children Christopher, Peter and Mary for their more than 17 years of service to the Pohick Episcopal church, the Potomac Region (VI), and the Diocese of Virginia, and for his more than 29 years of service to the Episcopal Church, and offers its prayers and best wishes for success in his new ministry.

Submitted by the congregation and vestry of Pohick Church and the Potomac Region

CR-2: The Rev John Armfield Weatherly

Whereas the Reverend John Armfield Weatherly was ordained as a deacon June 6, 1981, by the Rt. Rev. Albert Wiencke VanDuzer (eighth bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey) and ordained a priest in the Episcopal Church December 10, 1981 –by the Rt. Rev. George Phelps Mellick Belshaw, suffragan bishop of New Jersey 1975-1982; and

Whereas Father Weatherly served as vicar at St. Andrew’s Church and Christ Church, Trenton, NJ where he also served as president of the founding board of the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen; and

Whereas following his marriage in 1986 to the Reverend Beverly Kay Hill John and Kay accepted the call to serve as missioners for three years to the Iglesia Episcopal do Brasil, in Brasilia during which time their two oldest children Kathryn and Andrew were born; and

Whereas from 1988 to 2011 John served as a Chaplain in the Virginia National Guard, US Army, including tours of duty to Tuzla, Bosnia 9/2001-3/2002 and Anbar Province, Iraq 2005-2007, retiring from the guard in 2011 with the rank of colonel; and

Whereas John served as rector of Holy Trinity Church, Hampstead, NC (1989-1992) where his youngest daughter Meaghan was born and where he also served on the Board of Episcopal Farmworker’s Community, Newton, NC; and

Whereas John served as Associate Rector, St. Luke’s Parish, Darien, CT (1993-1995) during which time he earned his ThM in Pastoral Care and Counseling from New Brunswick Theological Seminary, New Brunswick, NJ (1995); and

Whereas John served as Priest-in-Charge, St. Barnabas Church, Temple Hills, MD (1995-1997); and

Whereas in 1997, 21 years ago, John was called as Rector of St. Mark’s Alexandria in the Diocese of Virginia; and

Whereas John served as Region 6 Member of Executive Board of the Diocese of Virginia from 2000-2002, as Dean of Region 6 2011-2013, and as a member of the Hispanic Church Plant Committee of the Hispanic/Latino Task Force, and as a tireless advocate for San Marcos Episcopal Mission in the Potomac Region; and

Whereas the Reverend John Weatherly was a finalist candidate for Suffragan Bishop of the Armed Forces; and

Whereas John Weatherly has never been silent when there is a good story to tell, or an injustice to right, or an opportunity to witness to the abundant goodness of God; and

Whereas despite being frightened beyond description in the theater of war, and despite being separated from his wife and children and parish for more than two years while ministering to countless men and women challenged by the depth of suffering produced by war, and the estrangement and brokenness produced by multiple deployments into military service,  John has held fast to his companionship with our Savior and helped countless others hold on to their trust in the love, mercy, and goodness of God;

Be it resolved that this 225th Convention of the Diocese of Virginia join the people of St. Mark’s, San Marcos, and the Potomac Region in sending our congratulations and thanksgiving to the Reverend John Armfield Weatherly and his wife, the Reverend Beverly Kay Hill Weatherly, for their 21 years of service to St. Mark’s, San Marcos, the Potomac Region, and the Diocese of Virginia; for John’s 23 years of service to the men and women of the Virginia National Guard, U.S. Army; and for John’s 38 years of ordained service to the Episcopal Church in six dioceses, and four different countries on three continents.

Submitted by the congregations and vestries of St. Mark’s and San Marcos and the Potomac Region

CR-3: Courtesy Resolution to Commemorate the Service of the Rev. Edward O. Miller, Jr. to St. John's Episcopal Church, McLean

Whereas, the Reverend Edward O. Miller, Jr., a priest of this Diocese completed his 22 year ministry as Rector of St. John’s Episcopal Church, McLean, on July 31, 2018; and

Whereas, Ed Miller previously served as assistant minister of Trinity Church in the City of Boston, and Rector of All Saints’, Belmont, Massachusetts before being called to St. John’s in 1996; and

Whereas, Ed Miller has lived into his baptismal and ordination vows through his pastoral presence, his discerning preaching, and his welcoming manner; and

Whereas, Ed Miller, through his ministry, empowered the laity of St John’s, mentored applicants for ordination through his work with the Commission on Ministry, and encouraged and strengthened many; and

Whereas Ed Miller led the church through two capital campaigns improving the building and grounds for the purpose of extending and expanding many programs and ministries; and

Whereas the church school, EYC, adult education, local outreach ministries and other church programs grew substantially under Ed Miller’s leadership; and

Whereas Ed Miller’s emphasis on the importance of music in worship and parish life has led to more significant musical presentations at weekly worship services and for special programs; and

Whereas Ed Miller has demonstrated a gift for meaningful and powerful liturgy, not just in weekly worship, but also in times of celebration, such as the church’s 150th anniversary, and also great sadness, such as the terrorist attacks of 9/11; and 

Whereas, Ed Miller created a collegial body of associated clergy at St. John’s, including many seminarians and new graduates of Virginia Theological Seminary; and

Whereas, Ed Miller served on the Standing Committee of the Diocese and as its chair; and

Whereas, Ed Miller chaired the Board of Governors of Christchurch School, and became President of the Church Schools of the Diocese of Virginia; and

Whereas, Ed Miller worked ecumenically with other churches in McLean on outreach ministries, especially through work with Martha’s Table, SHARE, Habitat for Humanity, the Falls Church-McLean Children’s Center, and the Colin Powell Leadership Club; and

Whereas, Ed forged the relationship between St John’s, McLean and Iglesia San Gabriel, Consuelo, Dominican Republic in 2002 and created a strong and continuing partnership; and

Whereas, the congregation of St. John’s Episcopal Church will miss him greatly but celebrates with gratitude the indelible impact he has made on our church worship and community;

Now therefore be it

Resolved, the 224th Annual Convention of the Diocese of Virginia thanks the Reverend Edward O. Miller, Jr. for his faithful leadership and service and commends its prayers for his continued service to all; and

Be it further resolved, that a copy of this resolution be provided to Ed and that it be recorded in the minutes of the 224th Annual Convention.

Submitted on behalf of the congregation of St. John’s Church by the Vestry and the St. John’s Convention Delegates; and the Reverend Christopher Miller.