Paris Ball

Minister for Christian Formation & Camps, x1042  |  email ↓

Paris Ball is the Minister for Christian Formation and Director of Shrine Mont Camps, where she oversees diocesan formation ministries for people of all ages. She oversees Parish Youth Ministries (PYM), diocesan Campus Ministry programs, seasonal offerings for congregations, and Shrine Mont Camps. Paris most often works directly with people who have been asked to “do formation” in their church or organization, whether in a paid or volunteer role. She enjoys supporting congregations in their work around formation, and is excited to assist in designing, jumpstarting, or re-starting programs such as Sunday Schools, youth groups, adult formation, and seasonal programming. Currently, she is passionate and excited about working with leaders and congregations to think creatively  about how they can use outside the box, and utilize existing resources to promote faith formation for people of all ages.

Paris spends her summers at Shrine Mont with her family, supporting and guiding the camping ministry program in person. 

Check out the Office of Formation website and the Shrine Mont Camps website to learn more about how Paris can help you and your congregation. Contact Paris with questions about anything related to “formation.” She can’t wait to help!