Julia Randle

Registrar and Historiographer, x1045
jrandle@thediocese.net  |  email ↓

Julia has served as the registrar and historiographer of the Diocese of Virginia since 2012. In this capacity she is responsible for developing an archives of diocesan records, researching historical topics for staff, and professional and non-professional scholars, and providing historical and archival assistance to congregations.

She holds a B.A. in history from the College of William and Mary and a M.A. in American studies from Georgia Washington University. Prior to over 21 years as archivist at the Bishop Payne Library of the Virginia Theological Seminary, she worked as archivist/curator of Christ Church, Alexandria, and registrar’s assistant at two Smithsonian Institution museums. She is a past President of National Episcopal Historians and Archivists and a previous board member of the Episcopal Women’s History Project. Julia and her husband, Russell, worship at Christ Church, Alexandria, where she also serves as historian, and they are parents to three children: Katherine, Sarah and Stephen.