Ed Keithly

Vocational Development Minister, x1015
ekeithly@thediocese.net  |  email ↓

Ed Keithly is Vocational Development Minister. Ed seeks to provide a healthy trajectory from discernment to deployment (and beyond) for Virginia's clergy. He manages discernment and ordination; clergy support vehicles like Fresh Start, New Clergy Orientation, and New Rector Orientation; and guides recent ordinands in  placement and associate rector searches. Ed sees his ministry as being primarily about connection and clearing the way for seekers, seminarians and clergy to be in the right place at the right time for their formation. 

From 2014-2018, Ed was the deputy transition minister. In January 2019, Ed was named vocational development minister by Bishop Goff, responding to the changing needs and priorities of this diocese, namely that with clergy mobility declining and retirements rising, the Diocese of Virginia will continue and increase its focus on recruitment and formation.

At General Convention in 2015 and 2018, Ed served as the managing editor of Center Aisle, a daily opinion journal published by the Diocese of Virginia. 

Ed is married to Dr. Emily Wright, who teaches at St. Catherine's Episcopal School, Richmond. Ed graduated from Sewanee in 2010. He has an irresponsibly large collection of board games and claims to be training for a half marathon.