South Sudan Ministry

Dioceses of SudanThe Episcopal Church of Sudan is a province of the Anglican Communion consisting of 31 dioceses in both (north) Sudan and the newly independent country of South Sudan with an estimated four and a half million members. The Diocese of Virginia provides assistance to numerous ministries, and a number of parishes nurture relationships with dioceses in South Sudan to help support development after the Second Sudanese Civil War. 

The American Friends of the Episcopal Church of Sudan (AFRECS)

The American Friends of the Episcopal Church of Sudan (AFRECS) work to advance peace and stability in Sudan, seeking to amplify the voices of Sudanese Christians and, through prayer, to catch the movement of the Holy Spirit in the churches in both Sudan and the United States. 

Hope for Humanity

Founded by Jennifer and Darryl Ernst, who are members of Christ Church, Glen Allen, Hope for Humanity is an organization that promotes educational reform in Southern Sudan. In 2007, Hope for Humanity completed construction on a secondary school in Atiaba, South Sudan called Hope and Resurrection. Now in its fifth year, the school works toward providing a high school education to as many as 240 students.

Churches who work in South Sudan

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