Prison Ministry

Kairos Prison Ministry  

A number of DOV members are involved in Kairos. It is a prison ministry not of proselytizing, but of bringing the knowledge of God’s love to those who have experienced very little evidence of love in their lives. The Kairos program consists of a series of talks – each talk building on the previous talk. There are five key elements involved with Kairos, namely: The Weekend; the Instructional Reunion; prayer and share group fellowship; monthly reunions and a two-day retreat. The heart of the ministry is the on-going weekly prayer and share group fellowship which occurs within the institution. To find out more, visit their official website. A number of DOV parishioners from various parishes including St. James’, Louisa participate in Kairos.

Offenders Aid and Restoration  

Offenders Aid and Restoration of Arlington County, Inc. (OAR) began when local women saw a need for ongoing support of prisoners and ex-offenders who remained largely ignored and forgotten by society. OAR serves the county of Arlington and the cities of Alexandria and Falls Church. The mission of OAR is to have “a community-based restorative justice organization, that blends compassion and accountability to assist offenders in leading productive lives, to the benefit of all.” 

Loudoun Aftercare  

Loudoun Aftercare provides programs, services and support to prevent the “revolving door” in our jails and prisons. The program answers basic needs, offering education, training and support to become successful, contributing members of the community which reduces crime in our community while also preventing homelessness. The program, based on Christian values, focuses on the healing of family relationships, the caring for children and the overall well-being of those living in the Loudoun County Community. The Partner for Success program provides a faith-based mentor to help convicts make a smooth transition back into society. Each participant is matched with a mentor and a church that works with the participant to establish a plan of action for reentry into the community. 

Other Ways Congregations are Involved:

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