Haiti Ministry

The Episcopal Diocese of Haiti, consisting of the entire territory of Haiti, is the largest diocese in the Episcopal Church with 86,760 members reported in 2010. The Episcopal presence is vast with two hundred and fifty schools and churches, the Cathedral, a seminary, a music school, the only school for the handicapped in the country, as well as the only manufacturer of prosthetics. Following the devastating earthquake of 2010, parishes around the Diocese of Virginia have been working hard to assist in the rebuilding of Episcopal sites in the country. 

Haiti Micah Project

This inter-denominational Christian organization, strongly supported by several churches in the Diocese of Virginia, works with the street children in Mirebalais meeting their most basic needs, especially by serving a hot meal each day.  Since the earthquake, the number of children in the feeding program, which is housed at St. Peter's Episcopal School, has grown to over 400.  Founded by the Rev. Joseph Constant, the Haiti Micah Project also provides a home and 24-hour care for 18 children, all of whom attend school at St. Peter's. 

 For more information, visit haiti-micah.org

Churches who work in Haiti

Picures from St. Timothy's, Herdon's trip in December 2012.

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