Stewardship Mentoring Program

A mentor from the Committee on Stewardship works for six months with a group from your church using a curriculum which will take your church from its current context to creation of a theologically sound, year round stewardship program focusing on all of the gifts of God which we bring to our churches. The curriculum helps maximize the church’s potential for involving their entire congregation in the life of the church and creating a strong foundation for the future. The program is designed to celebrate and increase involvement in all aspects of ministries of the church, exploring the purpose of and the financial support for the church’s ministries. The relationship between the mentor and the church will be a close, working relationship, consisting of monthly meetings with planning and prayer commitments in between. All who serve the committee on behalf of the church should be excited about celebrating stewardship in our lives and should support the work of the church with their wealth, work and wisdom.

Each church pays a stipend for the mentoring program to help cover the mentor’s costs of travel.