Web Solutions FAQs

Is my church required to use this service?

No. This is simply an option that is available to churches, committees, commissions, regions and organizations in the Diocese.

I don’t want to use the templates. Can I still use Web Solutions for e-mail?

No. You can choose from two packages: the templates/e-mail/modules, or hosting only.

Can I embed Google Apps in the new templates?


How is billing handled?

Web Solutions will bill churches/committees directly via e-mail. Billing does not start until you go live - so you can work on a draft of your site while incurring no fees for up to six months. Billing starts as soon as you instruct the Diocese/Web Solutions that you're ready to go live, and Web Solutions confirms that your site is configured.

Should I use a certain Web browser to operate the Web Solutions CMS?

Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer are the preferred Web browsers.

Is this compatible with PCs and Macs?


Can I customize the appearance of my template/site?

Web Solutions will provide a template for you. The basic layout and structure (fonts, location of the header, navigation bar, content and footer) are not customizable. The colors, logo and, of course, content, are all customizable.

Can I keep my current Web site address?

Yes. However, you will need access to your domain name wherever it is currently registered (i.e. Network Solutions, GoDaddy, etc.) in order to point it to the new template website that is created for you.

What is a domain provider?

When you created a website, you registered your domain with a particular company. You likely pay an annual fee for this service. Moving your hosting to Web Solutions does not mean you have to move your domain registration – you may keep your domain registration with your current company, or you may transfer it to Web Solutions at the rate of $25/year.

If we have experience coding websites and working with content management systems, do we have the option to build a custom site ourselves?

No. The Web Solutions CMS platform is best suited for the client who doesn't have coding experience and would therefore benefit from the tools provided.

How do I get started?

Contact the Diocese and we'll help you through the whole process. Send an e-mail to diocesan Director of Communications Nancy Chafin and we'll connect you with a tech support specialist at Web Solutions who can help with the set up of the site and initial training. 

Who should attend the training session?

The people who will primarily be in charge of editing and updating the site should attend. We recommend that if a volunteer will be the primary administrator, that a staff member also receives the training and has access to the site.