Image Shop & Graphic Guidelines

The graphics, logos and photos below are available for download.

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Diocesan Coat of Arms



Black & White

Bishop's Shield

The bishop's shield is reserved for the use of the bishop of the Diocese of Virginia. Requests for shield use should be submitted to the diocesan Communications Office.

Fonts & Typographic Images

Purple Masthead




Black Masthead

The diocesan masthead font is Gotham Medium. The diocesan text font is Candara for print, Arial for Web.

Color Palette

Primary Color
PMS 2613C
Web #6C207E

Spot Color
PMS 576C
Web #5C8727

Spot Color
PMS 1788
Web #EF2B2D

Bishops' Portraits

Portraits of current bishops in this diocese are available for download on the "Our Bishops" page. Requests for hard copies to be hung in churches can be made to the Communications Office.

Episcopal Church & Anglican Communion Images & Graphics

Episcopal Church Shield
Blue: PMS 660, Web #106CB5
Red: PMS 193, Web #D10F41
Gray: PMS 10, Web #8A7A68

Compass Rose

"The Episcopal Church Welcomes You" Signage

For more than 50 years, the Episcopal Church street sign has been used by thousands of churches to welcome congregants and visitors. Identifying signage is a valuable strategy for today’s churches to maintain visibility and a distinct “brand” for continued growth and development.