Background Checks

Conducting Background Checks & Procedures for Screening

Click below to read the recommended procedures for background check screening

  1. Potential Employees
  2. Volunteers
  3. Non-Church Groups Using Church Facilities
There are two primary ways to perform background checks. Completed background checks should be kept with the applicant or volunteer’s file. 
Oxford Document & Praesidium Background Check
An Oxford Document Management Company and/or Praesidium background checks include a credit report and reference checks of former employers and educational institutions.   
  • The Diocese of Virginia has an association with Oxford and Praesidium.
  • Results will be sent to the Diocese, then forwarded to the parish.
  • The fee is around $100, depending on the scope.
  • Background Check Request form Required. 

To initiate this background check, email Paige Williamson | Human Resources Information Specialist 

State Police Criminal Background Check
This check is limited to identifying records in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The fee for a criminal history records check is around $15. Initiate a state police criminal history and/or sex offender check by going to and filing form SP-167. This is not required for “Sunday Morning Only” workers (e.g., Sunday school teachers), but the parish may elect to do so. (Please note that the State Police Background Check may not be used for clergy and those in the ordination process, who should follow the guidelines for the Oxford and Praesidium checks, above.)