Title IV: Getting Involved

Who is needed to make this work?

  • Intake Officer – The Rev. Sven vanBaars.
  • Disciplinary Board – elected by the Annual Council of the Diocese of Virginia. Current board includes Julian Bivins, The Rev. Elizabeth Gardner, Karen Grane, The Rev. Kathy Guin, The Rev. Crystal Hardin, The Rev. Daniel Johnston, The Rev. Susan MacDonald, Peggy Miller, Janet Peyton, and The Rev. Stephen Schlossberg. JP Causey, Chancellor of the Diocese, serves as a resource/liaison to the Disciplinary Board.
  • Church Attorneys – Brad Davenport, Esq.; Assistant Church Attorneys - R. Scott Caulkins, Grant D. Penrod. The Church Attorney receives Intake Officer reports, oversees investigations, and in other ways functions on behalf of the church.
  • Other Canonical Participants in Title IV- Mr. J.P. Causey, Jr., Chancellor for the Diocese.

We also need appropriate persons from across the Diocese to serve in four areas. You may nominate yourself or someone else to serve in one of these roles by completing a nomination form and submitting it to the Rt. Rev. Susan Goff (800-DIOCESE x1011).

  • Investigators – Persons with sufficient knowledge, skill, experience and training to conduct investigations and to make formal reports of investigations. Investigators use appropriate investigative means, with due consideration to pastoral sensitivities.
  • Advisors – Persons who support, assist, consult with and advise Complainants (those who bring information to the Intake Officer) and Respondents (those who are the subject of matters reported) in any matter of discipline.
  • Conciliators – Persons skilled in dispute resolution techniques who seek a resolution that promotes healing, repentance, forgiveness, restitution, justice, amendment of life and reconciliation among the Complainant, Respondent, affected Community and others involved in the matter.
  • Pastoral Care Team Members – Persons with skills in prayer and pastoral care who provide care for the Complainant, the Complainant’s family, the Respondent, the Respondent’s family, Injured Persons, Injured Persons’ families, any affected Community, witnesses and the Disciplinary Board.