Church Administration

The Administrative Services section of our site is the hub for the professional needs of clergy and lay leaders in the Diocese of Virginia.

  • Alcohol PoliciesThe Diocese of Virginia's policy for responsible use of alcohol. 
  • Amending Church Records for Identity Changes: Guidelines from The Episcopal Church for making name and gender changes to church records. 
  • Clergy Licensure: Canonical residency and licensing, registration to serve as a supply cleric, etc. 
  • Cycle of Prayer: For use in the Prayers of the People. 
  • Ecclesiastical Discipline: Includes info on clergy conduct expectations, how to report suspected misconduct, and proceedings following a report of misconduct. 
  • Finance & Management: Resources from the Treasurer's Office: pledges, parochial reports, compensation guidelines, benefits, payroll, etc.
  • FormsA repository of online forms and registrations. 
  • Human Resources: Benefits administration, Misconduct Prevention Training, and background check procedures.
  • Interacting with the DioceseContains need-to-know dates and information for clergy and lay professionals, especially those transitioning in to new positions in Virginia.
  • Lay Leader Guidelines: Guides and forms for licensed lay ministry. 
  • Marriage Guidelines: Forms and guides for clergy for marriage and re-marriage, including approved liturgies for same gender couples.
  • Sexual Misconduct Prevention (Safe Church): Guide on who needs training, training opportunities and registration, calendar of workshops, policy manual.

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