Transcript of Bishop Goff's Remarks on Calls with Clergy - Week 10

I call your attention to communications that have gone out this week. Shrine Mont Camps are suspended for the summer. Details about why and how the decision was made have been sent to people on all of our mailing lists and are posted on the website. Paris Ball has led this work with clarity and strength. I was with her on a zoom call with camp staff last night. We are blessed by them. We are doubly blessed by Paris.

Shrine Mont will open this weekend in a very limited way. Ten cottages with kitchens are available for family groups to rent. Families will provide all of their own food and equipment. Public buildings at Shrine Mont will not be open for the time being. A letter from Shrine Mont was sent to all of our mailings lists yesterday as well, and the information is posted on our website.

Our Phased Regathering Task Groups, which we described last week on the webinar, in a letter to the diocese and in a video, continue to work well and hard.  We will send the appropriate guidelines and checklists when we draw closer to the time when Phase II might begin. 

I also share an update on my health.  I am cancer free.  And I will begin chemotherapy treatment next Wednesday, Mary 27.  Chemo came into my treatment plan late and unexpectedly as a result of genomic testing on my tumor itself.  That testing revealed an unacceptably high possibility that the cancer might return distantly, in other parts of my body.  So I will sacrifice comfort this summer for health in the future.  My last chemo treatment will be July 29.  During this time I will continue to work and serve this diocese as I take the time needed for recovery and healing after each of the four chemo infusions.  I go into this with trepidation and with trust in God’s healing grace.  I know in the depths of my soul that all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well. 

(For regular updates on her journey to overcome cancer, go to Bishop Goff’s Healing Grace blog).
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