Transcript of Bishop Goff's Remarks for Clergy Call September 15

Clergy Webinar - Week 26
September 15, 2020

Bishop Goff opened the webinar with Prayer and then played a video of the song "I believe in the sun" 

Bishop Goff's reflections:

It has been a full six months.  Half a year.  Exactly six months ago today was the first Sunday of suspended in-person worship. 

We now come to the fall season in the rhythm of the church year.  Like spring and summer, it is different.  In a typical year, fall is a busy time as activities that were suspended for the summer resume.  It is, of course, different this year - and it is every bit as busy.  It’s even more busy for many of us as we do the usual fall activities in different ways.  For some of us, the days are full as we keep ourselves busy to overcompensate for the things we have always done that we can’t do this year.  For parents with children at home, I imagine that the hours can become a blur as you are parent, teacher, pastor and so much more rolled into one.

No matter what your circumstances as this fall season gets underway, I Invite you - I urge you - to pace yourself.  We’re going to be in this for a while longer.  The pandemic will end; it won’t last forever, but it will last a time longer.  So take it slow.  Resist the pressure to do everything. Take care for yourself as you care for your family and your congregation.  Breathe.  Rest.  Play.  Live.  Because this time is not some crazy interval until real life resumes after the pandemic.  This IS real life.  This is as real as it gets. 

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