Bishop Susan Goff Calls for Special Convention to Adopt the Diocesan Budget

The Rt. Rev. Susan Goff announced today that she will call a Special Convention for the adoption of the Diocesan budget. The Special Convention will be held virtually on Saturday, April 24. The sole order of business will be to vote on a budget and any resolutions or amendments directly related to the budget.
In November of 2020, the delegates to the 226th Annual Convention were not able to reach consensus and approve a budget for 2021. This referred the budget back to the Executive Board.
“After listening to the [Executive Board] discussion and listening in prayer to God’s movement through the Holy Spirit, I have determined that a Special Convention will provide an opportunity for the greatest clarity, transparency and engagement with the budget process for the entire diocese. I therefore call for a Special Convention,” wrote Bishop Goff. (see full letter)
The delegates to the Special Convention will be those who were elected and certified for the 226th Annual Convention held last November.
“God has called us to mission and ministry together in Jesus’ name here in the Diocese of Virginia. We take on our roles in God’s mission with utmost joy and with thanksgiving for the responsibilities entrusted to us,” Bishop Goff added. “Let us begin our prayers for this Special Convention and for the opportunities it presents us to live in God’s love and service.
Updates on the Special Convention for the adoption of the budget will be posted here.