This Web site is an online market for churches who would like to donate goods or receive donations of goods. A link to the latest information is sent weekly via the e-Communique.

To submit an item to be posted on this website, send an email to Erin Monaghan Kamran with the following information:

Subject Line: e-Bazaar Submission Item
Name and a Description
Do you want to receive or donate this item?

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All submissions must be received by e-mail. No services will be posted on this Web site.

Blessings to Give

  • "The Voice" Bible: Church of the Holy Cross, Dunn Loring, has 15 copies of "The Voice" Bible to give. Contact office@holycrossepiscopal.org.
  • Free time shares near Shrine Mont: St. Paul's, Alexandria, was gifted two week-long time shares that they would like to permanently give away. The time share is for a one-bedroom condo (2 queen beds plus sleeper sofa) in the Aspen East Resort in Bayse. Aspen East is next to Bryce Resort (with skiing and golfing) and just outside the Shrine Mont grounds. These are two separate time shares – one for Week 9 (February 29-March 7 in 2020) and one for Week 19 (May 9-16 in 2020) and can be taken by one or two people. There is a yearly $325 assessment on each timeshare that the taker/s would be responsible for. Contact Elizabeth Rees if interested or for more information.

Blessings to Receive