3/25/21       Bishop Goff's Letter re: Change in Metrics for Regathering 
6/16/20      Bishop Goff's letter announcing outdoor worship services this summer (click here for guidelines) 
6/5/20        Bishop Goff's letter, Preparing for Phase II Regathering in Our Church Buildings

Please note that the date when regathering can begin in your parish is dependent on the public health markers in your locality. Our Review Group WILL accept petitions and review them even if your locality has not yet met the threshold, but an approval made prior to that threshold being met will be conditional until the threshold is met. You will see how you determine where you stand on your locality’s public health markers in the following section.

Health Marker Analysis

You want to consider the risk in your locality, and possibly those of nearby localities from which some of your parishioners may come. We’ve simplified this process by giving you a new tool, a map of public health conditions in counties and cities around the diocese, which can be found here. Although it looks a little overwhelming at first, it’s actually simpler, because each locality is assigned a color code based on data like 7-day rolling average of new cases per 100,000 persons. Here are instructions on using this tool. You are permitted to regather if the 7-day rolling average of new cases per 100,000 persons is 25 or under. This means that areas in the Orange, Yellow and Green codes are able to regather. Areas in the Red code are able to regather as long as their 7-day average of new cases does not exceed 25. 

Northern Area

Regions: Alexandria, Arlington, Potomac, North Fairfax, South Fairfax

Coordinator: The Rev. Lynn Ronaldi | 832-651-8943 |

Eastern Area

Regions: Fredericksburg, Northern Neck, Upper Tidewater

Coordinator: The Rev. Pilar Parnell | 315-292-8056 |

Western Area

Regions: Culpeper, Northern Piedmont, Southern Shenandoah, Winchester

Coordinator: The Rev. Justin Ivatts | 571-277-1470 |

Southern Area

Regions: Charlottesville, Central Richmond, North Richmond, West Richmond

Coordinator: The Rev. JT (John) Thomas | 434-282-4118 |

Regathering Guidelines and Checklist

In English: 

The Rev. J. Randolph Alexander, Jr
3606 Seminary Road
Alexandria, Virginia 22304

En Español:

The Rev. J. Randolph Alexander, Jr
3606 Seminary Road
Alexandria, Virginia 22304


Resources for regathering – from building signs, to articles on why singing is not yet safe – can be found in the Regathering Resources Dropbox folder. 

Guidance for Parish Schools 

Further Guidance if Your Parish has a School: We have received a number of inquiries seeking further information on parish schools. As we move further into the summer, we know that schools are discerning whether or not to open in the fall. Some are also wondering if it is at all possible to offer a summer program. The Diocese will not be making these decisions for you, but we offer some guiding principles to consider as clergy and vestries and the leadership of schools make these decisions.