Mutual Ministry Review

Thank you for participating in St. Stephen’s Mutual Ministry Review! Your responses to the following questions will guide our work together on August 17, so please respond to each one with whatever short reflections come to mind. Your responses do not need to be long! The last two questions are optional. Some questions may be more difficult as a result of the pandemic, so just answer in whatever way you are able. If you have any difficulties, please be in touch with Canon Abbott. We want to ensure full participation.

Note: Responses are due by Tuesday, August 10 at 5:00 p.m. Canon Abbott will compile the responses and identify themes, highlights and items for discussion. While individual responses may not be shared with the whole group, some excerpts may be pulled that represent common themes. Please do not write anything you would not want shared with the vestry and do not consider your responses confidential or anonymous. That said, responses will NOT be shared with congregation as this is an opportunity for open, constructive conversation to build the foundation of mutual ministry among the priest-in-charge and vestry. We will establish and clarify norms for our time together when we meet. Again, if you have any questions, please contact Canon Abbott.

Canon Abbott
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Mutual Ministry Review
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1. Remember a moment in the past 18 months that was a high point, when you felt your church was doing God’s work and fulfilling its mission. What was happening? Describe how you felt and what made this situation possible: *
2. Name the three things you value most about your congregation: *
3. Describe a time when you were a part of or observed an extraordinary display of cooperation between the priest and lay leaders in the congregation. What made that cooperation possible?: *
4. What will be your congregation's three most exciting, energizing and important accomplishments to you over the next year?: *
5. What, if anything, might get in the way of or hold you back from realizing these accomplishments as a vestry and congregation?:
6. Please share anything else you think would be helpful for the good of the mutual ministry of the priest-in-charge, vestry, and congregation: