Mens Retreat: Biblical Brothers

Shrine Mont

217 Shrine Mont Circle 
Orkney Springs, VA 22845
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The book of Genesis is filled with tales of intrigue, promise, failings, and hope, all having to do with the beginning of the divine/human adventure.Many of these stories call to mind the difficulty of being faithful while competing for what appear to be limited blessings: Cain and Abel; Noah’s sons carefully
covering their drunken father; Abraham and his sons, Isaac and Ishmael; Jacob and Esau; and Jacob’s sons selling their brother into slavery. In the ever-living nature of scripture, we often discover that their stories are not so different from our own.
We will spend some time with our biblical brothers at the men’s retreat. Come rock on a porch, wander in the woods, or sit by a lake. Come listen to stories, including your own, as we gather to reconnect with the rich tradition that still helps us navigate the divine/human adventure.

Men's Retreat: Biblical Brothers, June 9, 4pm - June 11, 2pm. For more information Click Here.