Spring Clergy Retreat

Shrine Mont, Orkney Springs

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A Gathering for Reflection, Prayer, and Sharing - Led by Father Martin Smith

This spring’s gathering will be truly a retreat and not a conference – with time and space for the clergy of the Diocese to experience renewal of spirit, reconnection with God in Creation, and relationship with Jesus as we gather in community.

Our retreat conductor will be the renown Rev. Martin L. Smith. Father Smith is well known throughout The Episcopal Church and beyond for his explorations in contemporary spirituality as a theologian, spiritual director, and retreat leader. He is the author of several books, including Reconciliation, The Word is Very Near You, and Love Set Free.

The theme of our retreat will be: Whom do we want Christ to be for us just now?
Father Smith will help us to explore a viable spirituality for ordained ministers at this time in the life of our church. How can we experience the desiring of Christ for us and in us? Have we become so other-centered in service that we lose our own receptivity to grace? Whom do we want Christ to be for us as a group and as distinct individuals?
The full schedule is listed below. The deadline to register is April 21. 

May 1-3, 2023 | Schedule




3:00       5:00                     Check-in/ Refreshments                                                                           Hotel Porch

5:30       6:30                      Dinner                                                                                                           Dining Hall | 2nd floor

6:45       7:00                      Bishop’s Welcoming Remarks                                                               Ballroom | 3rd floor

7:15        8:15                       1st Address                                                                                                    Ballroom | 3rd floor

8:15                                      Compline                                                                                                     Ballroom | 3rd floor                      



8:00      8:45                      Breakfast                                                                                                      Dining Hall | 2nd floor

8:45       9:00                     Morning Prayer                                                                                           Ballroom | 3rd floor

9:00      10:30                    2nd Address, followed by quiet time for individual prayer               Ballroom | 3rd floor

10:30     10:45                    Break

10:45     12:30                     3rd Address, followed by quiet time for individual prayer               Ballroom | 3rd floor

12:30     1:30                       Lunch

1:30        4:30                      Free Time

4:30       5:30                      Eucharist                                                                                                       Ballroom | 3rd floor

5:30       6:30                      Dinner                                                                                                           Dining Hall | 2nd floor

7:30       8:15                       4th Address                                                                                                   Ballroom | 3rd Floor

8:15                                      Contemplative Vesper Service                                                                 Ballroom | 3rd Floor

8:45                                     Smores



8:00      9:00                     Breakfast                                                                                                      Dining Hall | 2nd floor

9:00      9:15                       Morning Prayer                                                                                           Ballroom | 3rd floor

9:15        10:15                     Discussion in Small Groups                                                                       Ballroom | 3rd floor

10:15      10:45                    Break

10:45     12:00                    Q & A and discussion led by Fr Smith                                                     Ballroom | 3rd floor

12:00     12:30                    Concluding Prayers                                                                                     Ballroom | 3rd floor

12:30                                   Lunch   - Departure                                                                                    Dining Hall | 2nd floor




Tuesday, May 2

1:30 – 3:30         Hike to the Cross with Ted Smith                                   Virginia House Porch  

Join Ted Smith for an easy to moderate hike to the Cross on Spring Mountain. Plan to hike along with the group or begin with the group and then go at your own pace. You may also take the hike as an opportunity to follow the Stations of the Cross along the trail route. The hike will leave after lunch, so arrive at lunch ready to hike (with a water bottle and sturdy shoes). We will depart from the front porch of the Virginia House. 


1:30 – 4:30        Spiritual Directors  

Spiritual Directors will be available during this time to engage in individual conversation, reflection, and contemplative prayer.  There will be a sign-up sheet outside the ballroom.


1:30 – 4:30        Sock Doll Making

Members of St. Gabriel's ~ San Gabriel invite you to learn to make prayer squares, dolls out of socks, and knitted dolls for unaccompanied refugee and immigrant children living in temporary shelters at the border, part of our collaboration with the Borderland Ministries of the Diocese of Rio Grande. Melanie Worrall, Carla Rhoads, and Patricia Pomárez will be on hand after lunch on Tuesday May 2nd to share the patterns and teach how to make the dolls and prayer squares. This is an inclusive event for men and women clergy - you don't have to be "into" sewing or knitting. The parishioners will share the patterns and videos for you to take to your parishioners. Every item sent to the border brings hope and our prayers to children living temporarily at youth shelters in the Diocese of Rio Grande.


Childcare at Clergy Retreat 
Childcare is offered for children ages 2 and up at a cost of $55 per child. Spaces are limited and it is first come, first serve. If you need this service, please fill out this form and email it to Nerissa Crockett by April 20.