Evelyn Underhill: What is Mysticism? with Bishop Porter Taylor

St. Aiden's Episcopal Church, Alexandria - in person and via Zoom

8531 Riverside Road 
Alexandria, VA 22308
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Roman Catholic theologian Karl Rahner said, “The Christian of the future will be a mystic or will not exist at all.” If that is so, there is no better person to guide the Church into embracing that reality than Evelyn Underhill.  She was the first woman in the Church of England to lead clergy retreats, simply because she was able to articulate how to cultivate a deep inner life better than anyone else in her time.  Her definition of mysticism was “the art of union with reality and the Science of Love.”  The reality she speaks of is God. 

Underhill lays out a specific path to this union—one that involves “recollection and self-simplification.”  We remember who we are in God and as a result let go of all that distracts us from that core identity.  Her promise is that if you live “in the atmosphere of Reality, you will, in fact, yourself become more real.”  This is not an esoteric process. Underhill asserts that a person can begin “by trying to give spiritual quality to every detail of their everyday lives.”  Mysticism, therefore, is about changing the way we see and consequently the way we behave and define ourselves and one another. 

Bishop Porter will seek to define mysticism in a way that invites us as Christians to embrace it and to be transformed by it.   This task is not just important for the future of the Church; it’s important for the well-being of our souls.

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