Diocesan Discernment Retreat


August 21 - 23, 2020

Discernment retreats are the first step in the process of discernment and formation for leadership in the Diocese of Virginia. Whether that call may be as a deacon, priest, or lay leader, all are welcome. 

How to Attend: The presenting priest sends an email to Ed Keithly and Vicky Bickel requesting that the seeker attends the retreat. This email can be brief; the priest just needs to say the seeker would benefit from attending the retreat, not give a full recommendation of how he/she feels the seeker is called to ministry. 

Cost: $100

What to Expect: A weekend in virtual community with seekers from across the Diocese of Virginia discerning a call to lay leadership, the vocational diaconate, or the priesthood. The retreat is designed to give seekers tools for discernment and illuminate opportunities and challenges on the path ahead. The retreat is called a "diocesan discernment retreat" not because it's a retreat put on by "The Diocese" but because it's attended by seekers from across our Diocese, widening the perspective and discernment community of all attendees.