Moral Injury, Soul Repair, And Love for Our Neighbors: A Lecture by Theologian Dr. Rita Nakashima Brock

St. Stephen's, Richmond

6000 Grove Ave 
Richmond, VA 23226
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Free. Book-signing and reception to follow.


Like love, Moral Injury is both universal and infinitely diverse; the suffering it names comes from broken ties of love for self and others.

It results from the anger, mistrust, shame, and disillusionment that accompany the collapse of our core moral foundations under the weight of harm or evil that cannot be integrated into our identity. The harm may come from authorities or people we trusted; it can also come from actions or failures of our own that have harmed others.

This lecture explores Dr. Brock’s work on Soul Repair and offers ways to heal wounds to individuals as well as wounds to the larger society.

Dr. Rita Nakashima Brock is Senior Vice President for Moral Injury Programs at Volunteers of America and a Commissioned Minister of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). A native of Fukuoka, Japan, Dr. Brock was the first Asian American woman to earn a doctorate in theology (Claremont School of Theology). An internationally distinguished lecturer and award-winning author, she is a pioneer in the study of moral injury. 

This lecture is brought to you by the Virginia Institute of Pastoral Care. VIPCare offers hope and healing through spiritually-integrated counseling to residents of Central Virginia. Since 1967, VIPCare has served more than 100,000 counseling clients.

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