Texting Results

We asked members of Council to share with us, via text message, what touched their hearts or inspired them throughout the course of Council. Here's a glimpse at what they had to say.

"The Shouting Prayer in Creole was a Pentecost moment! What an amazing witness."

"Enjoyed learning about the prison ministry in Richmond. Sobering stats. Excellent speaker."


"Bishop Shannon's address: We are called to give glory to God; racial reconciliation and not division. Amen!"


"Incredibly inspired by Stories of the Diocese - especially the partnership between St. Catherine's School
and Iqra Academy."


"I'm inspired by combined clergy and lay involvement at this gathering. The Holy Spirit is here!"


"Great to see our missionaries in action and actively participating in our response. Technology is great
and God is greater."


"[The announcement of the closing of] Trinity, Highland Springs, brought tears, both good and sad."


"Look out, world. Here we come!"