Nominations: Standing Committee

Council members will vote for two candidates in each order, to fill two lay vacancies and two clergy vacancies for the Standing Committee Class of 2018.

Clerical Order

Lay Order

The Rev. Jo J. Belser
Resurrection, Alexandria, Region IV
Nominated by Cindi Bartol/Region IV; Endorsed by Region IV

Professional/Educational Background:
BS, Chemistry, Houghton College, Houghton NY
US Navy Intelligence Officer professional training of various types
MIS, George Washington University
MDiv, Virginia Theological Seminary

Church Involvement:
Diocesan Reconciliation Commission
Communications Committee
Lutheran-Episcopal Coordinating Committee
Many annual Councils
Extensive parish-level experience

Pertinent skills you bring to this work:
Collaborative ministry inclination and practice (e.g., innovated joint Lenten series in Regions III and IV, joint Northern Virginia Easter Vigil)

Why do you wish to serve?
Because we are at a point in our diocese, I believe, when creativity is greatly needed, and is being called forth from each of us in community discernment.

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Mr. Roger A. Inger
St. Paul's on-the-Hill, Winchester, Region XIV
Nominated by the Clergy/Vestry of St. Paul's on-the-Hill, Endorsed by Region XIV

Professional/Educational Background:
BA, University if Virginia, 1972; JD, University of Virginia, 1975; Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney, Fauquier County, 1975-1986; Substitute Judge, 26th Circuit, 1990-92; Private practice of law, Winchester, VA  1988-2014 (now retired); served in US Army 1958-1969.

Church Involvement:
Vestry, Senior Warden, St. James', Warrenton, 1982-85
LEM, Lay Catechist, St. Paul's, Winchester
Delegate to Region XIV and diocesan Council for approximately 20 years
President, Region XIV for seven years
GOE reader for General Board of Examining chaplains for two years
member of Executive Board from Region XIV 2002-05
Diocesan Task Force on Giving, 2004
Standing Committee 2005, 2008-2001
Senior Warden, St. Paul's on-the-Hill, Winchester, 2006-08, 2012-13

Pertinent skills you bring to this work:
I have a good working knowledge of chruch structure and polity, having served at he parish, region, diocesan and national levels.  I have an acute awareness of and interest in the issues facing the Church at home and abroad.

Why do you wish to serve?
Having previously served on the Standing Committee, I found it to be a rewarding ministry and, if called, would be honored to serve again.

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The Rev. Herbert H. Jones
Church of Our Savior, Montpelier
Nominated by The Rev. Amelie Wilmer, Endorsed by Region XI

Professional/Educational Background:
1985 BA in Economics, Randolph-Macon College 1988 JD, William and Mary School of Law 19 years Private Law practice 2010 MDiv, Union Presbyterian Seminary 2011 Anglican Studies Diploma, Virginia Theological Seminary Completed RUAH School of Spiritual Direction, Richmond Hill

Church Involvement:
2011 to present, vicar at Church of Our Saviour, Montpelier. Lifetime member of St. James's, Richmond. Lifetime involvement with Shrine Mont including five years as counselor and assistant director at St. George's

Pertinent skills you bring to this work:
As a second career priest I will bring a great deal of energy and commitment to the task of being a member of the Standing Committee. My legal background will be helpful in maneuvering some of the issues that may arise over the next three years. My love for Shrine Mont will be an asset for me and the Diocese as well.

Why do you wish to serve?
I want to be of service to the larger Church, particularly the Diocese and our bishops. I believe this is a very exciting time to be the church and I hope I can offer energy and experience as we move together as a Diocese.

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Mr. William H. Pennell, Jr.
St. Mary's, Whitechapel, Region II
Nominated by St. Mary's, Whitechapel, Vestry, Endorsed by Region II

Professional/Educational Background:
In mid-2011, I retired from a 20-year career as the county administrator of Lancaster County, in which I managed the day-to-day operations of each department of the county. I had direct supervision of approximately 75 persons and indirect supervision of approximately 200 people. Prior to my employment with Lancaster County, I worked as a police officer and coordinator of Code Enforcement for the City of Alexandria, Virginia for the previous 24 years.

Budgeting and personnel management have been the focus of my professional duties since 1978 when I was first made of supervisor of people. My degree is in the Administration of Justice which has given me the insight to evaluate difficult situations and make decisions to the benefit of all concerned.

Church Involvement:
I began attending St. Mary’s Whitechapel in Lancaster County when I bought a weekend/vacation home in 1988. Previously, I was a parishioner at St. Paul’s in Alexandria. Once I moved, full-time, to Lancaster County in 1991, I have had the opportunity to serve as senior warden at St. Mary’s on three separate occasions. I have been the endowments treasurer since August of 2000, managing the assets of this duPont Fund eligible church. I lead the acolyte/lay reader ministries of our church and am generally involved in many of the church’s endeavors.

My wife and I coordinate the newly established River Road Food Pantry in which five local churches (Episcopal and Baptist – white and African American) have joined to provide food to people in our under-served portion of Lancaster County. We regularly serve 130 +/- families representing 350 +/- individuals for a monthly distribution of quality nutritional products.

I served as president of Region II for seven years and have most recently been the treasurer of this region for the past four years. I have also served as St. Mary’s annual council lay delegate on several occasions. I was also an original member of the Dayspring initiative established by Bishop Shannon to deal with the aftermath of the Diocese’s successes in defending church properties and parishes.

Pertinent skills you bring to this work:
I believe I am particularly skillful in administrative challenges. My successful 40+ year career in public administration has given me the opportunity to face the challenges of large administrations and determine the solutions that best serve all parties.

Why do you wish to serve?
I love the Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Virginia. Since my retirement from daily work responsibilities I believe I have the diversity of experience, time and desire to contribute to the betterment of the Diocese of Virginia. Since the Standing Committee is so important to the work of the Diocese and the assistance to the Bishop, I am certain I can be a valued member of the Standing Committee.

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