Nominations - General Convention Deputy

Clerical Order

Lay Order

The Rev. Christopher M. Agnew
Nominated by the Rev. Diane Carroll

Professional/Educational Background:
Episcopal Priest, historian, archivist and ecumenist.  AB in History, Bucknell University; MA and Ph.D. in history, University of Delaware, STM General Theological Seminary.  Prior to ordination I was a college history professor.

Church Involvement:
I have served the last three years as an alternate deputy to General Convention. I am the ecumenical officer of the Diocese of Virginia and co-chair of the Diocesan Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations Committee. I also have served as ecumenical coordinator for Province III of the Episcopal Church. I am chair of the Faith and Order Commission of the Virginia Council of Churches and a member of the Virginia Council of Churches Coordinating Cabinet and Steering Committee. I am the recipient of the 2013 Faith in Action Award of the Council.  Nationally I serve as vice president of the Episcopal Diocesan Ecumenical and Interreligious Officers. I was editor of the Ecumenical Bulletin from 1989 to 1994. I am the former associate ecumenical officer of the Episcopal Church on the staff of the presiding bishop. I have served in numerous ecumenical roles including staff for the Anglican Roman Catholic Consultation – USA, the Episcopal Russian Orthodox Joint Coordinating Committee, and the Lutheran Episcopal Joint Coordinating Committee. I served on the Faith and Order Commission of the National Council of Churches. I was a founder of the National Council of Churches Interfaith Relations Commission and served as chair of the National Council of Churches Christian-Jewish Relations Committee from 1991 to 1999. I have served on the boards of the Historical Society of the Episcopal Church and the National Episcopal Historians and Archivists.  I am the immediate past president of the National Episcopal Historians and Archivists. From 1989 to 1991 I served in the World Mission Unit at the Episcopal Church Center.   From 1985 to 1989 I was the registrar, archivist and historian of the Diocese of Delaware.

Pertinent skills you bring to this work:
Due to my former position on the presiding bishop’s staff and my ecumenical work I have attended six previous General Conventions and am familiar with the working dynamics of General Convention. My local, diocesan and national church experience gives me knowledge of the working of the Episcopal Church on all levels. I was the editor and compiler of the Forward Movement Publication, “Anglican Statements on Ecclesiology” that was part of the Riverdale Report in 1994.

Why do you wish to serve?
I am committed to the work of the unity of the one holy, catholic and apostolic Church.  I am committed to the mission and ministry of the Episcopal Church.

Much of the work of General Convention concerns the unity of the Church. Much of my ministry has been in ecumenical work and has centered on questions of ecclesiology.  I am committed to seeking the full visible unity of the church in obedience to the gospel imperative given to us by our Lord, Jesus Christ. Our Lord on the night before his crucifixion prayed that his followers would be one even as the Godhead is one so that the world might believe.Church unity today is not an option; it is an imperative.The ministry entrusted to the Church by our Lord is compromised by our disunity.  I am committed to the task of bringing about the full visible unity of all those who at all times and in all places have broken bread in Jesus’ name and have proclaimed the Good News as found in Holy Scripture. Given my experience and knowledge I believe that I am called to offer these gifts at this time for the work of General Convention and the Diocese of Virginia.

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The Rev. Kim L. Coleman
Trinity, Arlington, Region III
Nominated by Lucinda McLaughlin, Endorsed by Region III

Professional/Educational Background:
I have served as rector of Trinity Church in Arlington since November 2002.  Trinity is a diverse and progressive community of faith.  Through the partnership relationships we have established with Samaritan Ministry of Greater Washington, the Arlington Food Assistance Center, Haiti Micah Project, Shirlington Employment and Education Center, Mary Marshall Residence, Alliance for Housing Solutions, Love in Deed Ministries in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India, and the Mothers’ Union of Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo, we are actively engaged in spreading the Good News of the Gospel and transforming our world for Christ’s sake.

Prior to entering the ordination track, I served as assistant director of commercial real estate for the National Association of Home Builders, a consultant for the National Association of Realtors, Conference Coordinator for SEAD (Scholarly Engagement with Anglican Doctrine), and Benefits Manager for a government contractor in Northern Virginia.  I graduated cum laude from Virginia Theological Seminary (VTS) in May 2001 and hold Bachelor of Arts degrees (1980) in Political Science and Economics from the Pennsylvania State University. 

Church Involvement:
My 20+ years of service to congregations and religious institutions of every size and demographic, on the local, diocesan and national church level includes my current term on the Standing Committee of this Diocese; headmaster for Trinity School of Early Learning, 2002-present; diocesan Executive Board member representing Region III, three-year term concluded January 2012; Diocesan UTO Screening Committee, completed two terms; Planning team member for the Episcopal Church Triennial Black Clergy Conference and Leadership Institute Pilot; Virginia Theological Seminary, field education supervisor (2005-present); adjunct professor for Oral Interpretation of Scripture (2005-present), forum panelist on Ministry Insights for Graduating VTS Seniors (April 2012), guest preacher for VTS Absalom Jones Feast Day (2008); and panelist for Virginia Theological Seminary King Observance (April 2006). 

I served as associate rector/deacon, St. George’s Church, Arlington, Virginia, 7/01 – 9/02; Seminarian, Church of the Ascension, Gaithersburg, Maryland, 8/99 - 5/2000; rector’s administrative assistant/bookkeeper and candidate for Holy Orders, St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church, Springfield, Virginia, 7/95 – 12/00; vestry member, adult Bible study leader, and chaplain for Union of Black Episcopalians, Meade Memorial Episcopal Church, Alexandria, Virginia, 9/93 - 8/96; and director of Commission on Evangelism and Prison Ministry (1984 - 89). In Fall 2013, I was a finalist in the bishop suffragan search process for the Diocese of New York.
Pertinent skills you bring to this work:
I understand General Convention delegates to be members of the team endowed with the shared responsibility of representing the Diocese by presence and participation in conversation and decision-making throughout our upcoming General Convention.  It is a role that demands the quick assimilation of information and the perseverance to endure sometimes lengthy discussions and debates.  If my service on the Standing Committee of the Diocese has accomplished nothing else, it certainly has taught me how to thoroughly and quickly inwardly digest volumes of very important material.  Other pertinent skills I bring to this work include keen listening and adept communications skills.  As a field education supervisor for almost ten years and supervisor for from six to twenty permanent and adjunct staff members, I have worked with persons from diverse backgrounds, learning to speak in whatever tongue it takes for us to understand one another as well as each other’s perspective.  My mantra is to agree to disagree but not to be disagreeable.  I have become proficient in both accurately and clearly articulating the position of others, positions upon which, in this case, votes will be cast and decisions made. I am known for raising pointed questions that bring clarity and new perspective to decision making processes and am passionate about building collaboration and community, even on the floor of General Convention.  I see differences, disagreements and conflict as the stuff that makes constructive growth and positive change possible. Encountering such differences neither surprises nor stymies me.  I seek to bring God’s joy and light to deliberations, when times are good as well as when times are tough.  

Why do you wish to serve?
Election as a General Convention Delegate will enable me to gain a “big picture” perspective on how the Episcopal Church operates in ways I have not experienced heretofore.  Jesus asks of us disciples, “Who do you say that I am?”  I believe the world is asking of the Church “who do you say that you are?”  Part of our efforts in this current decade must be to find sound, compelling, creative and transforming ways to answer that question in both word and deed.  I am excited about the possibility of listening to what our Diocese is saying about the present and the future of the Church and long to hear and engage other voices as we strive to discern a clearer vision of who the church is to be, both now and tomorrow.  Being a delegate to General Convention would enable me to affirm for the whole Church what is so evident within our own diocese.  We are diverse.  We are inclusive. We are constituted by all people and proclaim a gospel of liberation that is for all.  As a delegate to General Convention, I not only would bear witness to the ways in which the gospel comes alive within our own Diocese but also would commit to bringing back with me stories to share on the ways in which the same gospel is enlivened across the Episcopal Church.

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The Rev. Lucia Lloyd
St. Stephen's, Heathsville, Region II
Nominated by the Very Rev. David May; Endorsed by Region II

Professional/Educational Background:
St. Stephen’s, Heathsville; Rector
St. Thomas’s, Richmond; Assistant Rector

M.Div. Virginia Theological Seminary
M.A.R in Religion & Literature, Yale Divinity School
M.A. in English, Middlebury College
B.A. in English, Davidson College

Church Involvement:
Local: President of Northumberland Ministerial Association
Diocesan: Transition Committee for Bishop Shannon Johnston’s election
Diocesan: Nominating Committee for Bishop Suffragan Susan Goff’s election
Diocesan: Standing Committee
National: First Alternate Deputy at General Convention 2012

Pertinent skills you bring to this work:
I will represent the courage, hope and faith of the thriving Dayspring Congregation I lead. I have built up an extensive knowledge of the issues the Church is wrestling with on a national and international level; I have followed the developments closely from my own personal interest and as they relate to my congregation, including our gay parishioners. I understand complex ecclesiastical systems and can explain them clearly. I have positive, cooperative relationships with my bishops, my colleagues and other continuing Episcopalians across the country. 

Why do you wish to serve?
I loved being involved at the previous General Convention and am eager to go back to contribute to the future of our faith in the 21st century. 

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The Rev. James A. Papile
St. Anne's, Reston, Region V
Nominated by the Rev. Laura Cochran; Endorsed by Region V

Professional/Educational Background: 

  • Graduate of Virginia Theological Seminary
  • Priest serving in the Diocese of Virginia since 1992
  • Deputy to General Convention, Diocese of Virginia 2003, 2006, 2009, 2013

Church Involvement:

  • Founding facilitator for the Diocese of Virginia Fresh Start Program
  • Trainer, Education for Ministry
  • Chicago Consultation, member
  • Committee for Social and Urban Affairs, General Convention, 2013
  • I have been asked by the president of the House of Deputies to serve on a task force with younger deputies in preparation for 2015 in Salt Lake City

Pertinent skills you bring to this work:
Thirty years in the Episcopal Church as a layman, warden, priest, rector, deputy to General Convention. Kaleidoscope Institute training in cross cultural competencies. My training has given me the experience and ability to function well in groups, helping them to work effectively.

Why do you wish to serve?
Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude to the Diocese for the privilege of being a part of the General Convention deputation for the past four conventions. It is an honor to serve the Church in this way.  My work on your behalf has been most rewarding.  I would very much like to represent you as a deputy there again.  I believe I have the experience, skills and energy to continue to serve you as deputy.

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The Rev. Dr. Robert W. Prichard
Virginia Theological Seminary/St. George's, Arlington/Christ Church, Middlesex
Nominated by the Rev. Dwight Brown, the Rev. William Sachs, the Rev. Jess Stribling and the Rev. Pati Mary Andrews

Professional/Educational Background:
Virginia Theological Seminary, 1983-present (Professor)
St. George’s, Arlington, 1974-77, 1983-present (curate, priest associate)
San Jose, Arlington 1990, 1977-1979 (founding vicar, interim vicar)
Clarke Parish, Berryville, 1980-83 (rector)
St. Martin’s, Triangle, 1979-1980 (interim vicar)

Church Involvement:
General Convention Deputy, 2006, 2009, 2012
President, Historical Society of the Episcopal Church, 2010-present
Editor, Journal of Episcopal Church Canon Law, 2010-present
Diocese of Virginia, Windsor Dialogue Committee, USA, 2001-2007
Anglican-Roman Catholic Dialogue Committee, USA, 2001-07
Co-chair, Diocese of Virginia, Task Force for the Planting of a New Hispanic Congregation, 1998-2003
Editorial Board, Anglican and Episcopal History, 1980-present
Chair, Diocese of Virginia, Task Group in Support of Black, Asian, and Hispanic Ministries, 1989-90
General Ordination Examination reader, 1982-83
Diocese of Virginia, Ecumenical Committee, 1976

Pertinent skills you bring to this work:
A knowledge of church history, liturgy and canon law (issues about which I teach at Virginia Seminary); interest and experience in Spanish-language ministry, and ability as a writer and communicator (I am the author or editor of nine books, including A History of the Episcopal Church, and of a number of chapters in other collections, including the recent What We Shall Become: The Future and Structure of the Episcopal Church.

Why do you wish to serve?
The Episcopal Church has been badly divided over the past two decades.  It is my hope that we are approaching the end of that divisive period, and my prayer that, as was the case following several equally divisive periods in our history, growth and new life lie ahead of us.  For that to happen there will have to be those with awareness of our past, willingness to cooperate and build bridges in the present, and hope for our future.  I think that the Diocese of Virginia’s General Convention deputation has an important role to play in that regard, and I would very much like to be a part of that deputation.

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The Rev. James D. Richardson
St. Paul's Memorial, Charlottesville
Nominated by the Rev. Dr. Lin Hutton; Endorsed by Region XV

Professional/Educational Experience:

  • Rector, St. Paul’s Memorial Church, Charlottesville
  • Journalist for 22 years in newspapers and public television
  • B.A. from UCLA, double major in history and anthropology
  • M.Div., The Church Divinity School of the Pacific

Church Involvement:


  • Priest, rector
  • Co-president of IMPACT, a coalition of 23 congregations working together to solve community problems in Charlottesville
  • Education for Ministry mentor for more than 20 years


  • Dean of Region XV
  • Served on the R14 Task Force to make recommendations to Bishop Shannon Johnston on the issues of same-gender blessings
  • Served for three years on the Committee on the Diaconate


  • Convener of the Episcopal News Service Resources Council
  • Trustee, The Church Divinity School of the Pacific

Pertinent skills you bring to this work:
I have long and broad experience in the Episcopal Church at multiple levels. I am a professional communicator and have used those skills for the Church. I am a parish priest and rector in a university community. I have a passion for pastoral care, outreach ministry and community involvement by the Church. I especially look for how each of us can fully develop our spiritual gifts for ministry and mission in our congregations, the community and the world.

I’ve been to two General Conventions. I have a broad understanding of the crucial issues we face as a Church, and how General Convention could serve the Church in our congregations and communities.

Why do you wish to serve?
Our Church faces enormous challenges, buffeted by the rapid and dislocating social changes in our world. Those challenges also present us with opportunities. As a community of faith, we are in the midst of discerning how to adapt our institutional structures to meet these challenges and live out the Gospel in ways that will deeply touch and transform lives.

Most recently, I’ve been appointed by the Rev. Gay Clark Jennings, the president of General Convention’s House of Deputies, to be the convener of a national board to sift through the issues related to the mission of Episcopal News Service. The task is no less than discerning how our Church will bring our Gospel message of hope and salvation to the public.

As a trustee of one of our Episcopal seminaries, I am also acutely aware of how theological education is shifting to form future leaders, lay and ordained, in the Episcopal Church.

I feel I could bring my perspective from these experiences, and my passion for mission and ministry, to General Convention in service to the Diocese of Virginia and the Episcopal Church.

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The Rev. Dr. Hilary B. Smith
Holy Comforter, Richmond, Region X
Nominated by the Rev. Randy Hollerith; Endorsed by Region X

Professional/Educational Background:
Priest-in-Charge, Holy Comforter, Richmond, July 2013 to present; Rector, St. Paul’s on-the-Hill, Winchester, 2003 to 2012 (Priest-in-Charge 2003-2005, then called to be rector); Associate Rector, St. James the Less, Ashland, and Episcopal Chaplain to Randolph-Macon College, Ashland, 2002-2003; Assistant Rector, St. Paul’s, Richmond, 2000-2002; Seminarian, Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill, Alexandria, 1998-2000; Seminarian, Holy Comforter, Richmond, summer 1999.

M.Div., Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria, 2000; Ph.D., History, University of Virginia, 1997; M.A., English Local History, University of Leicester (England), 1993; B.A., History, University of Richmond, 1990.

Church Involvement:
Deputy to General Convention, 2012, served as chair of our deputation; Dean, Region XIV 2010-2012; Fresh Start Facilitator 2010 to 2012; Standing Committee, 2005-2008, secretary 2006 and president 2007; Spiritual Director for seminarians at the Virginia Theological Seminary, and Diocese of Virginia clergy and laity, 2004 to 2013; Retreat Leader, for parishes, Virginia Seminary class retreats in 2009 and 2010, and the 2013 Faculty Retreat, Shrine Mont Women’s Retreat May 2013.

Pertinent skills you bring to this work:
I bring skills of analysis, planning, communication, writing, organization and discernment. Having completed a Ph.D. in history, I have the ability to read and analyze large amounts of written material with speed. My interpersonal and leadership abilities would be of use in working with our deputation and connecting with people from other dioceses. Using my computer and internet knowledge, I would write a blog and make use of Twitter and Facebook, as I did for GC 2012, to connect those following General Convention at home with GC happenings. I call the blog, “Finding God at General Convention.”

Why do you wish to serve?
Having served as a deputy for General Convention 2012, I would be able to contribute more as a returning deputy in 2015.  I feel called to contribute to the General Convention process as God works though General Convention to strengthen us and challenge us. I feel called to be a positive contributor to our diocese and the wider church by offering my perspective and skills, especially my skills/gifts connected to leadership, discernment, and prayer. I would be honored and energized to work with our bishops and other members our deputation as we seek to discern God’s will for the Episcopal Church at this point in our history.

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The Rev. Jacqueline "Jackie" Thomson
Nominated by the Rev. Ann Martens

Professional/Educational Background:
Senior Associate Rector for Pastoral Care and Adult Formation, St. Anne’s, Reston, 2000-2013
Curate, St. Alban’s, Annandale, 1998-2000
Director of Christian Education, Church of the Holy Comforter, Vienna, 1982-1995
High School English teacher, 1970-1972

M.Div, Virginia Theological Seminary, 1998
BA, Simmons College, Boston, MA, 1970

Church Involvement:
Vestry, Holy Comforter, Vienna
Vice-President, Region V

Standing Committee, 2011-2014 (President, 2013)
Executive Board, 2008-2011 (Chair, Budget Committee, 2011)
Committee for the Prevention of Sexual Misconduct, 2000-2011, (Chair, 2005-2011)
Diocesan Committee on Education, 1985-1995 (Chair, 1992-1995)
Trainer for the Prevention of Sexual Misconduct, 2000-2012

Colloquy Mentor, Virginia Theological Seminary, 2000-2013
Provincial Partner to Episcopal Church Center for Province 3, 1992-1995
Christian education Coordinator for Province 3, 1992-1995

Pertinent skills you bring to this work:
As a lifelong Episcopalian, I bring many years of experience in the Episcopal Church as a lay leader in a parish, a lay professional, and as a parish priest. Having served at the diocesan and provincial levels over a number of years, I bring familiarity with the wider Church. As a leader I am able to use my organizational and communication skills to empower and facilitate the gifts of others.

Why do you wish to serve?
I wish to use my experience in the Episcopal Church to work to keep our Church faithful to her doctrine and discipline while discerning where God is calling us in the future as we strive to be responsive to the needs of the people in our changing world and inviting to those outside our walls.

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Ms. Cindi Bartol
Christ Church, Alexandria
Nominated by the Rev. Pierce Klemmt; Endorsed by Region IV

Professional/Educational Background:
Director, Children’s Ministries, Christ Church, Alexandria 1999-2002
Kindergarten Assistant Teacher & Director, Extended Care Program-St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes School, 1990-1999
Tufts University, B.S.; Stephens College, A.A.

Church Involvement:
National: General Convention Deputy in 2006, 2009, 2012, alternate 2003; Member, Prayer Book, Liturgy and Music Committee of GC 2006, 2009, 2012; Member, GC Joint Standing Committee on Nominations 2009-2012; Member, House of Deputies State of the Church Committee 2006-2009; Member GC- Executive Council Committee on the Status of Women 2000-2006

Diocesan: Chair, Transition Committee for the Bishop Coadjutor 2006-2007; Standing Committee 2010-2013 [President 2012-2013, Secretary 2011-2012]; Standing Committee 2001-2004 [President 2003-2004, Secretary 2002-2003]; Diocesan Council delegate 1994-present; member, Credentials Committee of Council 2009, 2010, 2011; member, Constitution and Canons Committee of Council 1999-2005; member, Church Status Committee of Council 2006; Region IV delegate 1996-present, President 1998-2001; member, Commission on Liturgy and Church Music 1994-present; Task Force on Giving 2004; Implementation Task Force on Ministry 2004-2007; member, Committee on Women in Mission and Ministry 1997-2009;  Province III Representative to Nat’l Board of Episcopal Church Women, 1997-2000; Diocesan Board, ECW 1986-2000; Delegate to Triennial Meeting of ECW 1991, 1994, 1997, 2000

Parish: Vestry-2004-2007; altar guild, usher, welcome ministries, church school teacher, lay reader; counter, outreach and missions participant; mentor, Foundation for Spiritual Leadership members; mission trips to South Africa and Honduras

Pertinent skills you bring to this work:

  • Extensive experience in the wider church, prayerfully listening to and discerning a way forward together
  • Commitment to be informed and to share materials with others to bring them into the conversations
  • Ability to see what needs to be accomplished, often in a very short period of time, give assistance and work toward consensus to achieve a goal

Why do you wish to serve?
My experiences in various places in the wider Church give and allow me a broad perspective of reference to understand and move concepts forward in a time of envisioned change both in our methods of operation as the Episcopal Church and the structure of how we accomplish our collective mission in the world together.

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Ms. Martha Jones Burford
Holy Comforter, Richmond, Region X
Nominated by the Rev. Dr. Hilary B. Smith; Endorsed by Region X

Professional/Educational Background:
B.A., Duke University; postgraduate studies, Duke Divinity School; VCU, Graduate; St. Catherine’s School, Richmond.  Director of Church Music, Holy Comforter; English and music teacher, St. Catherine’s School; Chair of English Dept., Orchard House School; Instructor with Leadership Program for Musicians; Summer Faculty Westminster Canterbury, Richmond.

Church Involvement:
Task Force on Congregational Song-National Standing Commission on Liturgy and Church Music;

Diocese of VA: Committee on Liturgy and Church Music; Stewardship of Creation Committee; Board member, Leadership Program for Musicians, Central VA; music leader diocesan workshops and retreats.  Regular contributor to diocesan publications.

Pertinent skills you bring to this work:
Strong ability to listen to different perspectives; skill and experience in church life, liturgy and music, group dynamics, leadership. Strong teaching skills.  Good writing skills. Strong reading skills and ability to distill information.

Why do you wish to serve?
I am a “PK” lifelong Episcopalian who believes in the work of our denomination. This is a time in which people are hungry for all that we have to offer in terms of deepening the spiritual life, which in turn affects our care for the poor and issues of justice. This Convention in particular strikes me as ULTIMATELY important as we consider “this fragile earth,” and justice issues.

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Henry D.W. Burt II, Esq.
St. Paul's, Richmond, Region IX
Nominated by the Rev. Wallace Adams-Riley; Endorsed by Region IX

Professional/Educational Background:
Attorney, currently serving as office administrator, Troutman Sanders LLP, Richmond, VA.
Have served as secretary and chief of staff, deployment officer, St. George’s Camp director, and other staff positions, the Diocese of Virginia; corporate counsel and government affairs manager at CarMax, Inc.; and litigation associate, Troutman Sanders LLP.

B.A., The University of the South, Sewanee, TN
J.D., The College of William and Mary School of Law

Church Involvement:
The Episcopal Church
-    Member, Standing Commission on Constitution and Canons, 2012-present
-    President, Deployment Ministry Conference, 1998-1999.

The Diocese of Virginia
-    Member, Standing Committee, 2005-2008
-    Member, Admissions Committee, Westminster-Canterbury Richmond, 1998-2000
-    Member, Board of Governors, Stuart Hall School,  2012 – present

-    Member, St. Paul’s, Richmond
-    Member of search committee for a parish administrator, 2011

Pertinent skills you bring to this work:
I have lengthy experience at the diocesan level in a variety of areas, familiarity with church governance and a legal background in a church setting.  I have been serving for a year on the Standing Commission on Constitution and Canons, which is tasked with addressing various governance matters in a time of transition for the general Episcopal Church.

Why do you wish to serve?
In 2012, the presiding bishop noted that the Episcopal Church has “begun to realize, pretty widely across the Church, that the way we’ve ‘done church’ for the last century or more no longer fits many of our contexts.” The Convention therefore will be responding to proposals to restructure the general Church so that our structure helps rather than hinder our mission. I hope that I might offer a fresh perspective, having never served as a deputy, but having long experience in the Church in a variety of areas. 

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J.P. Causey Jr., Esq.
St. John's, West Point
Nominated by the Rev. Jennifer Kimball; Endorsed by Region II

Professional/Educational Background:
Attorney.  Davidson College, A.B., 1965; T.C. Williams School of Law, J.D. 1968.  Former EVP, Secretary & General Counsel, Chesapeake Corporation, Richmond, VA.

Church Involvement:

  • St. John’s, West Point – treasurer, lay Eucharistic minister, worship leader and choir member
  • Diocese of Virginia – Chancellor 2012-present
  • The Episcopal Church – lay deputy to General Convention 1985-2012; Standing Committee on the Structure of the Church 2010-2015

Pertinent skills you bring to this work:
I have long experience with General Convention and the Episcopal Church that gives me insight into what the Church is doing (and not doing).  I have knowledge of the legislative process and enthusiasm for doing the work of the Church.

Why do you wish to serve?
I believe that our Church has tremendous capabilities to to good works and I would like to contribute to realizing that by serving as a lay delegate to General Convention.

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Ms. Ellyn Lomack Crawford
St. George's, Arlington
Nominated by the Committee on Race & Reconciliation, Russ Randle Esq., the Rev. James Papile and the Rev. J. David Niemeyer

Professional/Educational Background:
Northwestern University - Music
Organization Development/Management Consultant - Health Care

Church Involvement:
Co-Chair, Diocese of Virginia Committee on Race and Reconciliation
Immediate past delegate, Diocese of Virginia Annual Council for St. George's Episcopal Church, Arlington
Past Vestry Member, St. George's Episcopal Church, Arlington
Member, Dayspring Workgroup - current
Member, Suffragan Bishop Nominating Committee - 2011-2012
Faciliator - Windsor Listening Project - 2011
Lay Episcopal Chaplain - INOVA Fairfax Hospital - 2008 - 2011

Pertinent skills you bring to this work:
Organization Development including:
Meeting Design and Management
Project Management
Conflict Management
Advanced Communication

Why do you wish to serve?
"Listen to help someone be successful."  John Martz

John Martz, an experience and enormously effective management consultant, spoke these words at a managers' retreat where I was working early in my organization development career.  Each day since then his words continue to resonate in me.  Indeed, they have grown in the depth of their meaning.  The very best day happened when I heard them in my head and heart through the music of my spiritual life.  For me, I know that if I listen guided by God's grace, Christ's love and the Holy Spirit's light, that I will find more and more ways to foster success for those with whom I pray and work.

Because of my several opportunities to work throughout the Diocese as co-chair and facilitator for the Committee on Race and Reconciliation, member of the Suffragan Bishop Nominating Committee, member of the Dayspring Workgroup and Windsor Listening Group facilitator, I have had innumerable encounters with parishioners, groups, staff and clergy.  I have tried to listen well and assist them in advancing their aspirations for their churches and organizations.

Should you elect me General Convention deputy I will do all I can, with God's help, to serve the Diocese, to the greatest extent of by ability, as follower of Christ, listener, and facilitator.

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Russ Randle, Esq.
Christ Church, Alexandria
Nominated by the Rev. Pierce Klemmt
Endorsed by Reigon IV

Professional/Educational Background:
Partner, Patton Boggs LLP, (1981-present); pro bono partner of the year, 2004, honorable mention, 2010, 2013; Vice-Chair, ABA Superfund & Natural Resource Damages Litigation Committee (2009-present); law clerk, U.S. District Judge John H. Pratt, 1980-81; Author, Oil Pollution Deskbook, ELI, 1991, 2012.

Yale Law School, J.D., 1980; Member, Yale Law Journal, 1979-80; Princeton University, B.A., magna cum laude, 1977; Theological Education by Extension, Education for Ministry, University of the South, Certificate, 1984

Church Involvement: 
National: General Convention Deputy, 74th-77th Conventions; Chair, Committee on National & International Concerns, 77th Convention, Secretary, 76th Convention; Awarded Medallion for Exemplary Service from President, House of Deputies (January 2011); Sudan Missions (08, 07, 06, 02, 98), scheduled Feb. 2014; Honorary Canon, St. Matthew’s Cathedral, Diocese of Renk, Episcopal Church of Sudan (2006); Board Member, American Friends of the Episcopal Church of Sudan (08-now).

Diocesan: Resolutions Committee (10-13; 88); Standing Committee (99-02), President, (01), Secretary (00); Member, Suffragan Bishop Search Committee (11-12); Chair, Task Force on Giving (04); Member, Task Force on Giving (91-92); Member, Task Force on Ministry (02-03); Diocesan Council Delegate (84-89; 92-now); Stewardship of Creation Comm. (92-95).

Parish/Local since 1980: Region 4 Delegate (91-95), Substitute Exec. Board Representative (94-95); Christ Church, Alexandria:  Vestry (86-89), Treasurer (86-88), Finance Chair (89), Teacher (96-97), Bible Study Leader (84-94), Rector Search Committee (92-93), Adult Education Chair (81-82), Lay Reader (ongoing); Local:  Assistant Scoutmaster, Troop 647 (05-13); Den Leader, Pack 149 (00-05); Science Fair Judge (95-00); Board Member, DC Appleseed, (08-13).

Pertinent skills you bring to this work:
Foreign mission work and service here have taught me about God’s generosity, the Church’s breadth, and the gifts both offer a world aching for Jesus’ healing touch.  My day job has taught me to distill and explain large volumes of legislative material.  I have done so at the last two Conventions as chair and secretary of the Committee on National and International Concerns, handling over 50 resolutions each Convention from that committee.  That work helped our Church and I would like to continue.

Why do you wish to serve? 
Our Diocese and the Episcopal Church are uniquely situated to witness to Christ, both by engaging with our overseas mission partners and by emphasizing the patient breadth of the Gospel to our strident and hurried culture. I want to help us engage those opportunities faithfully as a church.  I hope to do so at the 78th Convention, representing Virginia’s thoughtful, gracious, and deep-rooted commitment to spreading the Gospel. 

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Ms. Helen Spence
St. Christopher's, Springfield
Nominated by the Rev. Peter Ackerman; Endorsed by Region VII

Professional/Educational Background:

  • B. Mus. In Music Education – University of Delaware - 1976
  • Music Teacher – 1 year
  • Substitute Teacher – 6 years
  • Junior Choir Director – 10 years @ St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church, Springfield, VA
  • Office administrator – 3 years
  • Office worker – 6 years
  • Bookkeeper – Jiffy Lube, 1996 - present
  • Bookkeeper – St. Christopher’s Pre-school – 2000 - present

Church Involvement:

  • Cradle Episcopalian – Grew up in Diocese of Delaware
  • Lived in Diocese of Oklahoma for 7 years – parish volunteering only
  • St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church – Springfield, VA – Current
  • Pledge Monitor, Member-Finance Committee, Chair-Stewardship Committee, Lay Eucharistic Minister, Lector, Intercessor, Member-Pastoral Assistance Team
  • St. Christopher’s Episcopal church – Springfield, VA – Past
  • Member- Vestry (1 year as Junior Warden), Member-Flower Guild, Director of Christian Education – 5 years, Convened Lay Committees for 6 seminarians, Alternate/Delegate to Diocesan Council – 4 years
  • Region VII – Treasurer – 3 years, Representative to Diocesan Executive Board – 3 years, Current President of Region VII
  • Virginia Theological Seminary – Member Field Education Advisory Committee 2002 – present
  • Co-ordinator for Lay Committees, Fall 2012 to present
  • Diocesan – Teller, Diocesan Council – 2 years; Teller, Suffragan Bishop Election – April 2012;
  • 1 year Program Committee member on Executive Board, 2 years Budget Committee member, Executive Board (Chair in 2011-12), Member, Stewardship Committee – Sept 2012 to present

Pertinent skills you bring to this work:
I am a good listener and I try to be objective.  I have leadership skills, but I also know when to stop and pay attention – letting others lead.  I have good reasoning skills and can be patient.

Why do you wish to serve:
I love this Diocese and I love the Episcopal Church.  I am inspired by the leadership of Bishops Johnston, Goff and Gulick, and by the dedication and capabilities of our amazing diocesan staff.  I have a real appreciation for the hard work that goes on at both the diocesan and national levels and I wish to be part of that.

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