Elections & Appointments

General Convention Deputy, Clerical Order

  • The Rev. Lucia Lloyd
  • The Rev. Dr. Bob Prichard
  • The Rev. Dr. Hilary Smith
  • The Rev. Kim Coleman
  • The Rev. Jim Papile, Alternate
  • The Rev. Jackie Thomson, Alternate
  • The Rev. Jim Richardson, Alternate
  • The Rev. Chris Agnew, Alternate
  • The Rev. Jim Papile, Alternate

General Convention Deputy, Lay Order

  • Ms. Cindi Bartol
  • Henry D.W. Burt, Esq.
  • JP Causey Jr., Esq.
  • Russ Randle, Esq.
  • Ms. Helen Spence, Alternate
  • Ms. Martha Burford, Alternate
  • Ms. Ellyn Crawford, Alternate

Standing Committee

  • Dr. Barbara Allison-Bryan
  • Dr. Craig Anderson
  • The Rev. Catherine Campbell
  • The Rev. Jane Piver

Regional Dean Appointments

  • Region I      The Very Rev. Marian Windel, Church of the Incarnation, Mineral (NEWLY APPOINTED)
  • Region II      The Very Rev. David May, Grace Church, Kilmarnock
  • Region III     The Very Rev. Shearon Williams, ST. George’s, Arlington
  • Region IV    The Very Rev. John Hortum, St. Clements, Alexandria
  • Region V     The Very Rev. Stephen Shepherd, St. Dunstan’s, McLean
  • Region VI    The Very Rev. John Weatherly, St. Mark’s, Alexandria  
  • Region VII   The Very Rev. DeDe Duncan-Probe, St. Peter’s in the Woods, Fairfax Station (NEWLY APPOINTED)
  • Region VIII   The Very Rev. Jeff Shankles, ST. Alban’s, Annandale (NEWLY APPOINTED)
  • Region IX    The Very Rev. April Greenwood, Varina, Richmond
  • Region X     The Very Rev. Randy Hollerith, St. James’s, Richmond
  • Region XI    The Very Rev. Mary Thorpe, Epiphany, Richmond
  • Region XII    The Very Rev. Lee Hutchson, St. Martin’s, Richmond 
  • Region XIII  The Very Rev. Anne Hallmark, Emmanuel, Middleburg (NEWLY APPOINTED)
  • Region XIV  The Very Rev. Alexander McPhail. St. Andrew’s, Mt. Jackson
  • Region XV   The Very Rev. Jane Piver, Grace, Stanardsville, (NEWLY APPOINTED)

Commission on Ministry Appointments

One-Year Appointments

The Rev. Deacon Holly Hanback, St. David’s, Ashburn

The Rev. Lynn Holland, St. Peter’s, Oak Grove

Ms. Barbara Johnson, Epiphany, Richmond

The Rev. David Knight, St. Mary’s, Goochland

The Rev. Laura Lockey, James Madison University Campus Missioner

The Rev. Dr. Craig Phillips, St. Peter’s, Arlington

The Rev. Mary Thorpe, Epiphany, Richmond

Members of the Commission continuing in previously elected terms:

The Rev. John Baker, St. Aidan’s, Alexandria

The Rev. Margaret Ann “Sam” Faeth, Retired

Dr. Marilyn Lightfoote, St. Paul’s, Alexandria

Ms. Elizabeth Ward, Christ Church, Alexandria


Three-Year Term, Elected

The Rev. Deborah Rutter, Calvary, Front Royal

Ms. Martha High, St. John’s, McLean


Ecclesiastical Trial Court Disciplinary Board


  • Mr. Julian Bivins, Jr., Trinity, Charlottesville
  • Mr. Alex Slaughter, St. James’s, Richmond


  • The Rev. Torrence Harmon, St. Mary’s, Whitechapel & Trinity, Lancaster
  • The Rev. Alexander MacPhail, St. Andrew’s, Mt. Jackson & Emmanuel, Woodstock