C-3 Task Force Documents

The C-3 Task Force was convened in Fall 2012 to consider the criteria for apportioning lay delegates for Annual Council.  One of our tasks involved a survey of how other dioceses select lay delegates.  The other was commissioning a survey by Customer Care Measurement and Consulting (CCMC) to receive feedback regarding how our congregations collect and record data for Average Sunday Attendance (ASA) and Confirmed Communicants in Good Standing (CCGS), as well as information about other parish activities.

Below, you will find documents including a summary of the diocesan allocation of lay delegates, a summary of the CCMC survey highlights and the detailed results of the CCMC survey.  We encourage you to review these documents and to discuss the findings with members of your parish and others in your region. 

Following our analysis of these materials, the C-3 Task Force members discussed the appropriateness of a constitutional amendment changing the way we select lay delegates.  At this time, there is no consensus among the task force members that a constitutional change is necessary.  Task force members expressed a wide variety of opinions regarding the extent of the problem to be corrected and which alternative measure would be more accurate than our current practice of utilizing CCGS.  We hope that these documents will lead to conversations at the parish and regional level.  If you would like to give the members of the C-3 Task Force any feedback regarding the information contained in these documents, please e-mail the Rev. Phoebe Roaf at motherroaf@comcast.net.