Members of Council can choose from the following open workshop options during the Friday afternoon of Council. No pre-registration required.

3:15-5 p.m.

Praying and Playing with Color— A time to learn about and practice visual forms of prayer.  Colorful art supplies will be provided.  No experience with art necessary.  Come unwind with prayer and color.  Led by the Rev. Canon Susan Goff.  
Room: Lake Anne B

Virginia Theological Seminary Chapel Listening Session—The Very Rev. Ian S. Markham, Dean and President of Virginia Theological Seminary, will host a New Chapel Listening Session for VTS Alumni/ae.  The listening session provides opportunities for the Dean and others to honor and to listen carefully to our alums, friends and other constituents; to hear ideas about the location of the chapel; and to dream about the design of a future chapel complex.
Room: Regency A

3:15-4 p.m.

The Value and Ministry of the ECW— “We do quite well here without an active ECW.”  “In our parish the women have truly arrived.  We even have a female priest!”  “Who needs ECW anyway?”  If these or similar thoughts or words have entered your mind or crossed your lips then this workshop is for you.  Join us to learn the true value and mission of the ECW and how to activate a group in your church.  Led by Ms. Beblon Parks, ECW President.  
Room: Lake Anne A  

Social Justice at the General Assembly—The Virginia General Assembly is considering legislation that will directly impact those on the margins and the faith community’s call to social justice.  Find out what’s going on and where your voice can have an impact right now in the halls of the legislature.  Led by Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy President & CEO the Rev. Doug Smith, and Director of Communications Patrick Getlein.
Room: South Lakes    

Ministry with Native Americans: Virginia and Beyond— Come and learn about opportunities you and your parish will have to build relationships with our Native American brothers and sisters.  We will have information on what is going on in Virginia as well as across the country – and ways that you can participate.  Led by the Native American Ministry Team.
Room: Tall Oaks    

An Orientation to the New Title IV Clergy Disciplinary Canons— At the 2009 General Convention, the Episcopal Church substantially revised its disciplinary canons.  This session will review and explain those changes.  Led by Mr. J.P. Causey. 
Room: A. Smith Bowman Room

iFaith- The Now of Youth Ministry, the Future of All Ministry— Increasingly, youth and young adults are finding the Church irrelevant and aloof from their understanding of Faith and Christ.  As a result, youth and young adults are quitting the Church.  The good news is, they are not quitting God.  This session is an excuse-free experience in which participants will engage in an exploration of the dilemmas and opportunities that we must recognize in order to affirm, at face value, the very meaningful and legitimate spiritual experiences of teenagers and young adults.  This session will be free of Buzz Words, Christian Rock, and Hip-ness.  Led by Mr. Bryan Appel, Mr. Chris Edwards and Ms. Whitney Bender. 
Room: North Point    

The (Vocational) Diaconate: Ancient yet New— We are about to ordain our first class of (vocational) deacons in the Diocese of Virginia.  Come explore the nature of the diaconate and share in the vision of how this dimension of the historic threefold ministry will strengthen and enhance the ministries of bishops, priests and lay persons.  Led by the Committee on the Diaconate. 
Room: Robert E. Simon

4:15-5 p.m.

Many Faces…One Faith— The Committee on Race Relations invites you to a multi-media colloquium.  See and hear a brief presentation about the history of race relations in our Diocese.  View many faces of Christ and Christ’s people.  Walk the labyrinth and meditate on Christ, our blessed redeemer, teacher, and friend.
Room: Regency B    

Celebrating Stewardship: A Positive Approach to Funding Ministry— Come gather ideas for stewardship as a ministry rather than just another necessary fall campaign.  Excitement around this word will grow your ministries with people and funding.  When your congregation celebrates stewardship, amazing things happen.  Led by Ms. Frances Caldwell. 
Room: Tall Oaks    

“Give Me A Break!” Planning for a Clergy Sabbatical Leave— The Very Rev. Penny Bridges and the Very Rev. Dr. Hilary Smith will share their experience of planning sabbatical leave, applying for and receiving a National Clergy Renewal Grant funded by the Lilly Endowment, and of being away from the parish for an extended period.  Ray Murphy, senior warden of St. Francis’ Episcopal Church while Penny was planning her sabbatical, will comment on the congregation’s experience.
Room: Robert E. Simon

What’s the Diocese of Virginia Doing in the World?—This workshop will provide an overview of the varied mission and outreach efforts, both domestically and abroad, in which parishes from the Diocese of Virginia are involved.  Come and learn just who is doing what where and get insights (and maybe inspiration!) concerning your church’s next mission trip.  Led by Mr. Buck Blanchard, Director of Mission & Outreach. 
Room: Lake Anne A    

Walking with God: Lifelong Christian Formation— Drawing from various challenges, ideas and thoughts presented by leaders and educators both within the Episcopal Church and beyond, this workshop will engage and encourage participants to think creatively and consider the impact of committing to the lifelong journey of formation in their parishes.  Focusing on what it means to be a Christian person on a journey in the context of the church community, we will identify struggles and roadblocks as well as resources and suggestions along the way.  This is a great workshop for those who wonder what the diocesan Christian Formation Office can offer their parishes  – or anyone who has asked the question “what is  'Christian Formation,'  and what does it mean for my church?”  Led by Ms. Paris Ball, Director of Christian Formation.  
Room: North Point    

Hispanic/Latino Ministry 101— Opportunities to reach Latino/Hispanic communities in our midst abound throughout the Diocese.  This workshop seeks to encourage parishes and regions to explore a call to this ministry and to help frame some of the initial questions and issues that must be addressed for the effective proclamation of the Gospel among Hispanic/Latinos.  Led by the Very Rev. Catherine Campbell and the Rev. Daniel Robayo. 
Room: Hunter Woods    

Ministry Ideas for and with Older Adults— This workshop will present existing older adult ministries currently happening in churches in our diocese as well as presenting some new and exciting possibilities.  There will be time for an open sharing of ideas.  The hope is that seeds may be planted for new ministries at a diocesan, regional and church level.  Led by the Committee on Aging. 
Room: South Lakes