Appointments & Elections

Standing Committee Class of 2014

  • The Rev. Jackie Thomson, St. Anne's, Reston
  • The Rev. Walter "Wes" Smedley, Holy Cross, Dunn Loring
  • Ms. Janet Peyton, St. James's, Richmond 
  • Mr. Frank Baxter, Calvary, Front Royal

General Convention Deputies 

Clergy Deputies

  • The Very Rev. Dr. Hilary B. Smith, St. Paul's Church-on-the-Hill, Winchester, Chair
  • The Rev. Dr. Bob Prichard, Virginia Theological Seminary
  • The Rev. Lynne E. Washington, St. Peter's, Richmond
  • The Rev. Jim Papile, St. Anne's, Reston

Clergy Alternates

  • The Rev. Lucia Lloyd, St. Stephen's, Heathsville
  • The Rev. Dr. Christopher Agnew, St. Paul's, Nomini Grove
  • The Rev. Justin McIntosh, St. Thomas', McLean
  • The Rev. Marian Windel, Incarnation, Mineral

Lay Deputies

  • Mr. Russell Palmore, St. Paul's, Richmodn
  • Ms. Cindi Bartol, Christ Church, Alexandria
  • Mr. Russell Randle, Christ Church, Alexandria 
  • Mr. J.P. Causey, St. John's, West Point

Lay Alternates

  • Mr. Joseph Royster, Meade Memorial, Alexandria
  • Ms. Susan van der Veer, Holy Comforter, Vienna
  • Ms. Margret Hjalmarson, St. Anne's, Reston
  • Ms. Mildred Wigfall Robinson, St. Paul's Memorial, Charlottesville

Provincial Synod Deputies

  • The Rev. Marian Windel, Church of the Incarnation, Mineral
  • Dr. Barbara Allison-Bryan, Abingdon, Whitemarsh
  • Col. Jean Reed, Grace, Alexandria

Deans of Regions

The bishop appointed the following regional deans:

  • Region I - The Very Rev. Jeff Packard, Christ Church, Spotsylvania
  • Region II - The Very Rev. David May, Grace, Kilmarnock (newly appointed)
  • Region III - The Very Rev. Catherine Campbell, La Iglesia de Cristo Rey, Arlington and La Iglesi de San Jose, Arlington
  • Region IV - The Very Rev. Oran Warder, St. Paul's, Alexandria
  • Region V - The Very Rev. Penelope Bridges, St. Francis', Great Falls
  • Region VI - The Very Rev. John Weatherly, St. Mark's, Alexandria (newly appointed)
  • Region VII - The Very Rev. Stuart Schadt, Trinity, Manassas
  • Region VIII - The Very Rev. James McCaskill, St. Paul's, Bailey's Crossroads
  • Region IX - The Very Rev. S. Paul Rowles, St. Peters, New Kent
  • Region X - The Very Rev. Bollin Miller, Grace & Holy Trinity, Richmond
  • Region XI - The Very Rev. Anne Kirchmier, The Fork Church, Doswell
  • Region XII - The Very Rev. Rhonda Baker, Grace, Goochland
  • Region XIII - The Very Rev. Robert Banse, Trinity, Upperville
  • Region XIV - The Very Rev. Dr. Hilary B. Smith, St. Paul's on the Hill, Winchester
  • Region XV - The Very Rev. James D. Richardson, St. Paul's Memorial, Charlottesville

Commission on Ministry

One-Year Appointments

  • The Rev. John M. Baker, St. Aidan’s, Alexandria
  • The Rev. David Knight, St. Mary’s, Goochland
  • The Rev. Laura Lockey, James Madison University Campus Missioner
  • The Rev. Jane D. Piver, Grace Church, Stanardsville
  • The Rev. Deborah Rutter, Calvary, Front Royal
  • The Rev. Stephen H. Wade
  • Ms. Elizabeth Ward, Christ Church, Alexandria

 Members of the Commission continuing in previously elected terms:

  • Dr. Marilyn Lightfoot, St. Paul’s, Alexandria
  • The Rev. Dr. Craig A. Phillip’s, St. Peter’s, Arlington
  • The Rev. Margaret Ann “Sam” Faeth, Immanuel Church on the Hill, Alexandria
  • Ms. Martha High, St. John’s, McLean

 Bishop Johnston nominated the following to serve three-year terms ending at the 219th Council:

  • Ms. Barbara Johnson, St. Christopher's, Springfield
  • The Rev. Lynn Holland, St. Mary's, Fleeton

Ecclesiastical Trial Court

  • Mr. Julian Bivins Jr.
  • The Very Rev. Penny Bridges
  • The Rev. Sue Eaves
  • The Rev. Melissa Hollerith
  • The Rev. Daniel Robayo
  • Col. Jean Reed
  • The Rev. Hal White
  • Mr. Joseph Royster Jr.
  • Mr. Alexander Slaughter
  • Ms. Ann Pascale
  • The Rev. Alexander MacPhail

Disciplinary Board

Three-Year Term

  • Mr. Julian Bivins Jr.
  • Mr. Alexander Slaughter
  • The Rev. Torrence Harman
  • The Rev. Alexander MacPhail

Two-Year Term

  • Ms. Alisha King
  • Ms. Peggy Miller
  • The Rev. Louise “Weezie” Blanchard
  • The Rev. Matt Johnson

One-Year Term

  • Ms. Janet Peyton
  • The Rev. Laura Inscoe
  • The Rev. Hal White