Election Results

Standing Committee Election Results

 The Rev. Abbott Bailey
 Ms. Cindi Bartol
 The Rev. Michael Pipkin
 Mr. Paul Brockman

Episcopal Appointments & Elections

Regional Deans

Region 1 The Very Rev. Jeffrey Packard
Region 2 The Very Rev. Beth Palmer
Region 3 The Very Rev. Catherine Campbell
Region 4 The Very Rev. Oran Warder
Region 5 The Very Rev. Penelope Bridges
Region 6 The Very Rev. Donald Binder
Region 7 The Very Rev Stuart Schadt
Region 8 The Very Rev. Grayce O'Neill
Region 9 The Very Rev. S. Paul Rowles
Region 10 The Very Rev. Bollin Millner
Region 11 The Very Rev. Anne Kirchmier
Region 12 The Very Rev. Rhonda Baker
Region 13 The Very Rev. Robert Banse
Region 14 The Very Rev. Hilary Smith
Region 15 The Very Rev. David Stoddart

Commission on Ministry Appointments

One-Year Appointments
The Rev. Dr. David T. Anderson
The Rev. John M. Baker
The Rev. Laura Minnich Lockey
The Rev. James Papile
The Rev. William P. Peyton
The Rev. Jane D. Piver
The Rev. Deborah Rutter
The Rev. Anne Scupholme
The Rev. Stephen H. Wade
Ms. Elizabeth Ward

Members of the Commission continuing in previously elected terms:
The Rev. David W. Perkins
Dr. Marilyn Lightfoote
The Rev. Dr. Craig A. Phillips

Bishop Johnston nominated and Council elected the following to complete a term that will end at the 216th Council:
Ms. Barbara Johnson

Bishop Johnston nominated and Council elected the following to serve three-year terms:
The Rev. Sam Faeth
Ms. Martha High

Commission on the Prevention of Sexual Misconduct

Mrs. Delea Bowerfind
Ms. Leslie Choplin
Mr. Don Flynn
Ms. Barbara Maniha
Dr. Anne W. Martin
The Rev. Jeffrey A. Packard
The Rev. Jackie Thomson