Amendments to the Constitution and Canons

Strikethough words are sections to be omitted. Bold words are sections to be added.

C-1    Amend Article I of the Constitution as follows:

Order, Government and Discipline.

The order, government and discipline of the Diocese of Virginia, formerly and otherwise known as the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Virginia, shall be vested in the Bishop and in the Convention of the Diocese, constituted as provided in Article III hereof, which shall have power to adopt Canons, and take any other action for the conduct of its affairs not in conflict with this Constitution.

Submitted by:
J.P. Causey Jr., Chancellor


Rationale:  This amendment effectively conforms the name of the Diocese of Virginia to the name of The Episcopal Church and the terminology of the 1979 Book of Common Prayer.  Debate at General Convention about expunging the word “Protestant” from the name of The Episcopal Church had persisted for 90 years before the 1967 General Convention amended the preamble to the Constitution to say that the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America is “… otherwise known as The Episcopal Church (which name is hereby recognized as also designating the Church)…”  (White & Dykman’s Annotated Constitution and Canons notes that this issue “had a longer life in [General] Convention discussions than any other in the history of the Church.”)  Similar changes were also made in the 1979 Book of Prayer and the Declaration of Conformity.

This amendment also conforms Article I to the Preamble of the Constitution which refers to the Diocese of Virginia. The supplemental reference in the proposed amendment to the “Protestant Episcopal Church” is retained to reference the continuity of the organization.