Vicky Bickel

Assistant for Vocation & Transition, x1038  |  email ↓

Vicky Bickel, assistant for vocation and transitions, assists the transition minister, Sarah Brockebrough, with the search process for clergy and congregations, and supports Ed Keithly, vocational development minister, with the ordination process. Vicky sees her ministry as primarily about seeing the individual – their hopes, anxieties, humanity – amid all of the canonically required documentation and safeguards.

Vicky is the point person for all Oxford background checks requested; those applying for postulancy either as a Deacon or Priest; clergy seeking licensure; and parishes hiring employees. Please contact her if you need a background check initiated.

In addition, she is the diocesan point person for all questions regarding Adult and Child Sexual Misconduct Prevention online trainings and in-person workshops. Learn more about Sexual Misconduct Prevention Trainings.

Contact Vicky if you have questions about employee background checks or misconduct prevention training.