Virginia Diocesan Homes

What is VDH?

Virginia Diocesan Homes (VDH) is a board that provides oversight of the several retirement communities that are affiliated with the Episcopal Church through the Diocese of Virginia. The Board searches for opportunities to encourage the development of new facilities for seniors across the spectrum of residential needs. It seeks to improve knowledge throughout the Diocese of the activities and services provided by the several VDH institutions as alternatives for Episcopalians to consider in planning where they will live in the latter years of their lives.

VDH Brochure/Contact Information

How has VDH developed?

The VDH had its beginning by resolution of the Diocesan Council in 1955. Its history from that time to the present can be found here (PDF file).

What are the Continuing Care Retirement Communities like?
The VDH has established criteria that describe the present and any future Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) that are associated with the Virginia Diocesan Homes. These criteria can be found at here.

The VDH communities consist of six CCRCs and two low-cost subsidized independent living facilities:

What is the VDH’s vision for its “Future Directions”?

For some time, the VDH board has been concerned that housing and care are not as available to moderate-income members of our community as they could be. The Board’s Development Committee is exploring ways to address this condition. This committee is evaluating successful middle-income housing models with the objective of stimulating interest and providing support for parish communities that are interested in sponsoring moderate-income continuing care retirement communities.

How do I learn more?

The VDH Board is establishing a “Speakers’ Bureau” that, on request, will send speakers to talk with interested parishioners and other groups about the CCRC experience as an avenue for “Aging with Grace” as an alternative to “Aging in Place.” They can also talk about the two low-cost independent living facilities in Arlington that are affiliated with the Diocese. Please call Jill Norcross at 804-285-2598 if you would like to schedule a speaker.