Committee on Aging

Chair: The Rev. Stephen Shepherd

Staff Liaison: Meg Schwarz, 800-DIOCESE x1043

Basic Info: The Committee on Aging believes that aging is a natural human process which God has ordained as a time for continuing spiritual growth, and not a need or a problem which should be healed or cured. The Committee is dedicated to fostering ways to encourage older adults to live out their lives with purpose in the knowledge that all God’s children—whatever their age—are sustained by God’s grace. The Committee offers several events each year including Fall Camp at Shrine Mont, the Fifty Plus Wedding Celebration, and the Celebration of Longevity. The Committee also maintains a resource library on aging issues. The group supports family members of older adults and advocates within local and state government on behalf of aging issues.

Resources: Download a copy of "Are Your Affairs in Order? A Planning and Resource Guide."

Time Commitment: The Committee on Aging meets monthly at Trinity, Fredericksburg. They communicate in between meetings via e-mail.