Triangle of Hope Youth Pilgrimage

The Triangle of Hope is a covenantal community dedicated to transforming the long history, ongoing effects and continuing presence of slavery in our world through repentance, reconciliation and mission.

Participants will prepare together through worship, prayer, study and retreats then travel as pilgrims to another diocese or host fellow pilgrims each summer for three summers. Participants are expected to be present for all three years. 

Apply to participate in the Triangle of Hope Youth Pilgrimage


Applications due September 2019. Selections made October 2019.
Preparation and training for summer trips November, February and April.
Liverpool leg: Summer 2020; Virginia leg: Summer 2021; Kumasi leg: Summer 2022.


We invite families who are interested to apply. We will work with all the accepted families to make the coming year's pilgrimage, and succeeding years, affordable. Diocesan contributions, parish/sponsoring organization contributions, and family contributions will be combined to cover expenses. The cost per person total (all contributions combined) is approximately $3500 per year involved.  


View photos of the Triangle of Hope in the Diocese of Kumasi.

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