Tanzania Ministry

Churches from across the Diocese enjoy mission partnerships with the Diocese of Central Tanganyika and the Diocese of Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania. Bishop Shannon Johnston visited Bishop Mdimi in February of 2011 to build a relationship and partnership. And in June 2012, Bishop Mdimi visited Diocese of Virginia churches who support Carpenter's Kids Program. 

Carpenter’s Kids Program, Diocese of Central Tangayika (DCT) 

The goal of Carpenter’s Kids program is to link each of the 200 parishes in DCT with another parish or other committed group to provide basic education support for the 50 most vulnerable children in each village. By providing care, the Carpenter’s Kids helps the whole parish.


Each child under Carpenter’s Kids receives a school uniform, pair of shoes, and basic school supplies in order to attend school. In addition, they are given hypernutritional porridge breakfast each school day and two large treated mosquito nets for their family.

A parish or group can make a commitment of $4,000 a year to support the 50 most vulnerable children in a particular village. That becomes the group’s special partner parish. It is only $80 per child!

The following parishes or groups support Carpenter’s Kids:


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