Other Asian Ministries

The Diocese of Virginia, its churches and parishioners have relationships throughout the Anglican Communion. In some places the Diocese of Virginia is exploring new ministries and in others there are long standing relationships. Below are areas in Asia with which the Diocese of Virginia, churches or parishioners continue to nurture and grow partnerships.


Myanmar (Burma)

The Rev. Kitty Babson, former missionary of Burma, has taken VTS students to Myanmar for many years. This continued in January 2013 for a month long VTS immersion seminar which allowed students to discern their baptismal vocations to be missionaries of God’s good in a needful world.

Leeds Church, Markham, supports a relationship with their sister parish in the Diocese of Toungoo, Myanmar.


There have been various trips to Oman led by the Rev. Bill Sachs through the Center for Interfaith Reconciliation. They maintain good relationships with church leaders and the Minister of Religion in the Government of Oman.


The Diocese of Virginia is developing a relationship with Bishop Humphrey Peters of the Diocese of Peshawar through the Rev. Bill Sachs, of the Center for Interfaith Reconcilation. The Rev. Bill Sachs and Buck Blanchard visited Bishop Peters in January 2013. The Diocese of Virginia was hosted by the Rev. Dr. Titus Preslar, President of Edwardes College in Peshawar, and maintains a relationship with Bishop Mano Rumalshah, retired bishop of the Diocese of Peshawar.


The Rev. Bill Sachs of St. Stephen’s, Richmond and the Center for Interfaith Reconciliation maintains relationships with a parish.

South Korea

Bishop Shannon and two other Diocese of Virginia representatives visited the Archbishop of the Province of Korea (also the Bishop of Seoul) and the Diocese of Seoul in September 2012. The Diocese of Virginia hopes to partner with the Anglican Church of Korea to begin an exchange program. In addition, there are two Korean congregations within the Diocese of Virginia.

Sri Lanka

Buck Blanchard visited the Diocese of Colombo in February 2012 to explore the possibilities of parishes partnering with this diocese.

The Rt. Rev. Dhiloraj (Dhilo) Ranjit Canagasabey, Bishop of Colombo, visited the diocese in October 2014. 


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