Other African Ministries

The Diocese of Virginia, its churches and parishioners have relationships
throughout the Anglican Communion. In some places the Diocese of Virginia is exploring new ministries and in others there are long standing relationships. Below are areas in Africa that the Diocese of Virginia, churches or parishioners continue to nurture and grow partnerships.


In October of 2013, St. Matthew's, Richmond took a mission trip to Lake Langano working at the Langano Harvest Farm, a sustainable agriculture mission.


There is a Triangle of Hope relationship between the Diocese of Liverpool, the Diocese of Virginia and the Diocese of Kumasi. Bishop Shannon has a personal relationship with Bishop Daniel Sarfo. The Rev. Craig Phillips worked and taught at the seminary in Cape Coast. St. Paul’s, Richmond established a micro-credit program with a partnership with the Diocese of Kumasi.


St. Paul’s, Alexandria, St. Paul’s Memorial, Charlottesville, St. Peter’s, Arlington and Trinity, Upperville have been long time supporters of the African Development Project. Also, St. Paul’s, Alexandria visited the World Leadership School in the summer of 2009 to help build a dining hall.


Diocese of Virginia parishioners support Madagascar through Five Talents’ microenterprise program.


St. John's, McLean, supports the neonatal clinic at Ruhangeri Regional Hospital in Rwanda through their annual Millenium Development Goals Gifts for Life Fair.

Sierra Leone

The Rev. Kim Coleman visited as part of her sabbatical program in 2011 and established contacts on behalf of the Diocese of Virginia.


Christ Church, Alexandria, 1982-Present, supports the HIV/AIDS clinic of Mengo Hospital, especially through staff support. The church currently funds a program that prevents the spread of HIV/AIDS from pregnant women to their new born children. Over the years, the congregation has "sent medicines, purchased a truck to transport food supplies, defrayed school fees to children of Mengo staff members and built a chapel as a gift for the 100th anniversary of the hospital."

St. Andrew's, Richmond: The Rev. Abbott Baily visited the Circle of Peace School in the Diocese of Kampala in June 2011.

St. James’, Warrenton:  Sponsors Ugandan girls in a secondary school in the Diocese of Soroti through Teso Educational Supportive Services (TESS). In 2010, they traveled to meet many of the administrators and students.

The church has a relationship with schools in Soroti and Kumi regions in central Uganda. Nearly fifty girls and a handful of boys are sponsored by patrons of St. James’, Warrenton. They pay for their secondary schools, vocational opportunities or even university, but they have also raised funds necessary to build two wells. One well serves a primary school; the other, a remote village miles from their previous source of water.

The value of scholarship is incalculable and an opportunity to change the life not only of your student, but also of their family and village, with whom they often share their knowledge. For more information, please contact Wayne and Caren Eastham at ceastham@oakviewbank.com

 Pictures provided by Margaret Eastham, St. James', Warrenton


The Diocese of Virginia visited Bishop Chad Gandiya of the Diocese of Harare in January 2012. The DOV continues to examine this relationship and look for opportunities to assist the Diocese of Harare’s ministries.

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