Native American Ministry

The co-chairs are Jean Mary Taylor and Nellie Adkins (540-869-0579, 540-869-0579).

During his first Pastoral Address, given at the 215th Annual Council in 2010, Bishop Shannon noted the need for ministry with Native Americans, highlighting it as one of his priorities for the Diocese. Bishop Shannon encouraged churches to get involved, especially with Native American tribes located in Virginia. Out of that was born the Native American Ministry team, which is comprised of members of the Diocese who are interested in and passionate about Native American Ministries. 

Mission Statement

Nellie Adkins, co-chair of Native American Ministries for the Diocese, celebrates the opening of the Pamunkey School House

"To keep alive the rich heritage of our ancestors; to keep the flames of peace, love and fellowship with our Indian brothers and sisters forever aglow; to give glory to the Great Spirit - our Lord Jesus Christ."

St. Mark's, Beazley

This historic building, which once housed an Episcopal congregation, was purchased by the Rappahannock tribe in the 1960's to serve as a worship space for the Rappahannock Indian Baptist Church. However, that congregation built a new church and moved next door.

Now, the Native American Ministry, in partnership with the Rappahannock tribe and churches around the Diocese, are involved in renovating and refurbishing the old church.

Churches who work in Native American Ministries:

Abingdon Church, White Marsh2013-Present, sent their youth group to assist the renovations of St. Mark's, Beazley, and to visit the Mattaponi Indian Reservation with youth from St. John's, West Point.

Church of the Good Shepherd, Burke, 2009, visited the Good Shepherd Mission in Navajoland with their youth.

Church of the Incarnation, Mineral, 2009, established a relationship with the Monacan Indian Nation on Bear Mountain, VA.

Emmanuel, Delaplane, alongside Calvary, Front Royal, ran a week-long vacation bible school on Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.

Grace Church, The Plains2006-Present, is continuing to explore their relationship with the Good Shepherd Mission in Navajoland.

Historic Christ Church, Alexandria2007-2012, brought a vacation bible school to St. John's Episcopal Mission Church in Montezuma Creek, Utah, Navajoland, paired with outreach to the community and participation in a traditional feast.

Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill, Alexandria1999-Present, supports the ministry of the Kelly Foundation and the Center Pole on the Crow Indian Reservation in Montana.

Immanuel Old Church Mechanicsville, 2006, gathered school supplies and money for winter fuel to serve the Reservation of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, SD.

Leeds Church, Markham, 2008-Present, has a long history of mission trips to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

Region II, 2011-Present, has been heavily involved in the reconstruction efforts at St. Mark's, Beazley.

St. George's, Fredericksburg, 2006-Present, assisted in the rebuilding and renovation of St. Mark's, Beazley, and continues to nurture a relationship with the Reservation of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe in South Dakota.

St. John's, West Point2009-Present, helped renovate the old school house on the Pamunkey Indian Reservation and supported the Mattaponi Indian Reservation through Spirit Rising. Along with youth from Abingdon Church, White Marsh, the youth of St. John's visited the Mattaponi Indian reservation.

St. Luke's, Alexandria, 2006-Present, has a particular interest in supporting the vocational indigenous farming program for developmentally disabled youth and the development of a formation program for indigenous deacons and priests. They have taken a pilgrimage to Porcupine, South Dakota, to be with the Lakota people, and have a relationship with the Good Shepherd Mission in Navajoland.

St. Mark's, Alexandria, 2007-2009, has an established relationship with the Good Shepherd Mission in Navajoland.

St. Mark's, Richmond, 2010, visited the Pamunkey Indian Reservation with Trinity Church, Fredericksburg.

St. Matthew's, Richmond, 2012-2015, visited the Cherokee Nation in North Carolina.

St. Peter's, New Kent, 2013, visited the Cherokee Nation in North Carolina.

St. Stephen's, Catlett, has, with their youth group, visited the Monacan Indian Nation at Natural Bridge, working in partnership with them in the spirit of mission.

St. Timothy's, Herndon, 2007-Present, has an ongoing relationship with the Lakota people at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

Trinity Church, Fredericksburg, 2008-Present, visited the Pamunkey Indian Reservation with St. Mark's, Richmond. They also have a relationship with the Rappahanock Tribe.

Virginia Tribes


  • The Episcopal Church Office of Native American & Indigenous Ministries offers a regular newsletter. Visit the Web site to subscribe and find out more information.
  • Virginia's First People: Past and Present is a website sponsored by Prince William Network, the Virginia Department of Education, and the Virginia Council on Indians, equipped with various instructional resources on Native American Tribes in Virginia.
  • The Virginia Indian Heritage Trail is a trail of historically significant sites to Native American Tribes in Virginia.
  • Virginia Pow Wow Schedule displays all known dates of Pow Wows and Tribal Heritage Events in Virginia.
  • The new Navajoland website provides some history about the diocese and news from the bishop, as well as resources about how to help those living in the Navajoland Area Mission through donations and volunteering.
  • Check out this article from the Winter 2012 Edition of The Virginia Episcopalian Magazine  for more information regarding the church restoration. A correction and further explanation can be found here under the heading "Corrections," published in the Summer 2012 Edition.
  • Read about the partnership between the Pamunkey tribe and the Diocese of Virginia in this article from the January 2010 edition of The Virginia Episcopalian Magazine about the renovation and 100th anniversary of the one-room schoolhouse on the Pamunkey Reservation in King William County.
  • Founded by parishioners at Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill, Alexandria, the Kelly Foundation works in partnership with The Center Pole and Executive Director Peggy White Wellknown Buffalo, a member of the Crow Indian Tribe in Montana.  Together, these organizations have been serving the youth and families of the Crow Indian Reservation for over a decade. Through the Kelly Foundation and the Diocese of Virginia, youths from the Reservation have been able to attend Shrine Mont summer camps on scholarships since 1998.

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Are you interested in getting involved with our Native American ministries?  Do you have an existing ministry or connection?  Send your comments to Jean Mary Taylor or Nellie Adkins (540-869-0579540-869-0579).