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The Episcopal Diocese of Haiti, consisting of the entire territory of Haiti, is the largest diocese in the Episcopal Church with 86,760 members reported in 2010. The Episcopal presence is vast with two hundred and fifty schools and churches, the Cathedral, a seminary, a music school, the only school for the handicapped in the country, as well as the only manufacturer of prosthetics. Following the devastating earthquake of 2010, parishes around the Diocese of Virginia have been working hard to assist in the rebuilding of Episcopal sites in the country. 


Partnership Program

Parishes and regions in the Diocese of Virginia interested in working directly with a parish and/or school in the Diocese of Haiti should work directly through the Diocese of Haiti’s Partnership Program.  The Partnership Program helps parishes discern where they are being called and facilitates communication and accountability as the partnerships continue to develop.  Several parishes in the Diocese of Virginia of all sizes and locations have already responded to this call, but the need for partners is great. If your parish is ready to move forward with a partnership, please contact the Rev. Kesner Ajax at the Partnership Program for the Diocese of Haiti, by email or phone (011.509.3445.3346).

Haiti Micah Project

This inter-denominational Christian organization, strongly supported by several churches in the Diocese of Virginia, works with the street children in Mirebalais meeting their most basic needs, especially by serving a hot meal each day.  Since the earthquake, the number of children in the feeding program, which is housed at St. Peter's Episcopal School, has grown to over 400.  Founded by the Rev. Joseph Constant, the Haiti Micah Project also provides a home and 24-hour care for 18 children, all of whom attend school at St. Peter's. 

 For more information, visit haiti-micah.org

Rebuild Our Church in Haiti

Support the national, grassroots effort to rebuild the cathedral complex in Haiti.  See more details here.

Churches who work in Haiti:

Christ Church, Charlottesville, 2010 – Present, the Rev. Paul Walker, invited by Bishop Shannon Johnston to join him, met with Bishop Duracin and toured Port au Prince and the surrounding area. Christ Church has partnered with The Haiti Mission Foundation and traveled on three medical missions with this organization.

Christ Church, Glen Allen, 2009 – Present, has taken mission trips to St. Marc, Trouin and the Canaan Orphanage in Montrouis, and has participated in earthquake relief; the church also supports a relationship with Darbonne. The congregation is establishing a medical clinic in Croix-des-Bouquets and is rebuilding the school and church there.

Christ Church, Spotsylvania, supports the work of Region I and St. George’s, Fredericksburg in Notre Dame D’Annonciation Parish and School in Bolosse, Port-au-Prince.

Christ Church, Winchester, is the sending parish for Young Adult Service Corp memberr Ashley Bingaman, who served in Port-au-Prince in 2012-2013 and who currently serves in Cap Haitien. For more information, see her blog.

Church of the Good Shepherd, Burke, 2003 – Present, supports scholarships for students at the House of Hope who attend Ste. Croix Episcopal School in Leogane.

Church of the Holy Comforter, Vienna, supports Haiti Micah Project.

Church of the Incarnation, Mineral, 2010 – Present, supports scholarships for students who attend Notre Dame D'Annonciation in Bolosse, Port-au-Prince, and partners with St. George's, Fredericksburg for medical missions to the church, the school and neighborhood.

Church of the Resurrection, Alexandria, 2010 – Present, supports Haiti Micah Project.

Diocese of Virginia Young Adults, 2011 – Present, continue to build relationships in Gonaives through mission trips and funding.

Emmanuel, Alexandria, supports Haiti Micah Project.

Emmanuel, Greenwood, has partnered with the Building Goodness Foundation to sponsor and participate in three trips to Haiti since 2011. In November 2011, volunteers built five tikays (single room houses) in the Croix-des-Bouquets area in collaboration with a Haitian work crew employed by BGF. In March 2013, volunteers helped rebuild a church in a rural community south of Leogane. In March 2014, a group traveled to the same community to build a home for a family that participated in a CODEP reforestation program. The family planted 50,000 trees over several years to earn the new home.

Episcopal High School, participates in service learning in Haiti and has built a partnership there.

Grace, Alexandria, 2008 – Present, supports the Haiti Micah Project through the Sponsor a Child Program, and have sent mission trips to the Haiti Micah Project in Mirebalais as well as the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti's institutions. The parish has also partnered with Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill, Alexandria on a water treatment installation and the vocational training center, and parishioners have participated in the Diocese of Virginia Young Adults trip to Haiti. Since 2008, the congregation has participated in the Haiti Connection Conferences, which promote partnerships with Episcopal Diocesan programs.

Grace, The Plains, supports Haiti Micah Project.

Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill, Alexandria, 2011 – Present, supports Haiti Micah Project, for which it provides administrative space (Immanuell Church-on-the-Hill is the official address of the Haiti Micah Project). The parish has also partnered with Grace Church, Alexandria on a water treatment installation and the vocational training center.

Leeds, Markham, 2011 – Present, partners with Region XIII’s Haiti mission; supports the salary of the sewing teacher at the Trade School at St. Marc’s in Trouin; held small health clinics for St. Marc’s and brought medical supplies.

Meade Memorial, White Post parishioner Gail Kettlewell works with the Fauquier County Literacy Council to refurbish used computers, which are then loaded with curricula and sent to schools in need around the world. Their current focus is church schools in Haiti.

Region I, raised money for toilets needed in Haiti, and supports the work at Notre Dame D’Annonciation Parish and School in Bolosse, Port-au-Prince. The project was completed in Summer 2014.

Region XIII, 2011 – Present, is committed to supporting the needs of Ecole des Metiers St. Marc's Trade School and teachers in Trouin.

St. Andrew's, Arlington, 2013 – Present, supports the Sisters of the Society of St. Margaret with items from their wish list, as well as the ministry of the Singing Rooster NGO with small-scale farmers through coffee sales. The congregation also supports a school feeding program at St. Peter's School in Berault (St. Matthias Parish) and planned a fundraiser to support meals for students at St. Sacrament Episcopal School in Fonds Parisien.

St. Catherine’s School, Richmond, 2011 – Present, hasinitiated a partnership with St. Jacque’s Episcopal School in Les Bayes.

St. George’s, Fredericksburg, 2010 – Present; partnered with Notre Dame D’Annonciation Parish and School in Bolosse, Port-au-Prince, supports the school financially and through reconstruction projects, as well as a medical mission for the children of the school and the neighborhood. Parishioners travel to Port-au-Prince every six months.

St. James’, Leesburg, 2010 – Present, partnered with other Region XIII churches to support St. Marc Episcopal Church and School in Trouin, assisting in building a new, earthquake-resistant eight-classroom school building. The congregation has committed to funding the salary of one of their teachers, and bought and installed solar panels for the school.

St. James’s, Richmond, 2008 – Present, has made four mission trips to a community in Gonaives, where they built six classrooms at La Redemption School and worked for the medical clinic there. The church has made three mission trips to work with the St. Joseph's Family, two to help with the rebuilding of the St. Joseph's Home for Boys in Petionville after the 2010 earthquake, and one to work on the school, Lekol Sen Trinite in Jacmel. The parish supports Elizabeth Whitmore, a missionary who serves at Wings of Hope in Port-au-Prince, part of the St. Joseph Family. They are now exploring mission opportunities with Bishop Oge in Cap-Haitien.

St. James', Warrenton, 2011 – Present, partners with other Region XIII churches to support St. Marc Episcopal Church and School in Trouin.

St. John's, King George, supports Haiti Micah Project.

St. Mark's, Richmond, supports Haiti Micah Project.

St. Mary’s, Arlington, 2011 – Present, has formed a strong partnership with St. Martin d' Tours, Delmas, Port-au-Prince.
The congregation assists with scholarship money for the school, helped build a perimeter fence, and is currently helping them gather funds for their major capital project of constructing a Guest House.

St. Matthew’s, Sterling, 2010 – Present, focused on construction work, “tree ministry” and kids ministries (orphanage visits) in Port-au-Prince in an effort to help with the devastation that remains by partnering with Praying Pelican Missions.

St. Paul’s, King George, 2006 – Present, supports Haiti Micah Project: three parishioners serve on the Board of Directors, and the project is the main international  mission involvement for the congregation, which helps through donations of time, money, and supplies.

St. Stephen's and St. Agnes School, Alexandria, 2011 – Present, nurtures a partnership with St. Paul's School.

St. Thomas’, McLean, 2011 – Present, took an exploratory mission trip to Les Cayes, Haiti to establish a partnership with an Episcopal parish in the city.

St. Timothy’s, Herndon, 2010 – Present, supports St. Mathieu’s, Chapoteau by providing funding for uniforms, textbooks, and supplies for the students. The congregation supports Singing Rooster NGO's work with small-scale farmers through coffee sales, and is currently exploring domestic partnerships to enhance their work in the Chapoteau region. Click here to read more about their November 2013 mission trip to Cange and Chapoteau.

Trinity, Arlington, supports Haiti Micah Project.

Trinity, Lancaster, has partnered with St. George’s, Fredericksburg to send a parishioner on a medical mission and supports their work with Notre Dame D’Annonciation Parish and School in Bolosse, Port-au-Prince. The congregation also provides support through fundraising in their parish.

Trinity, Upperville, 2008 – Present,supports Helping Haitian Angels that cares for orphans at the Kay Anj (Angel House) Orphanage of Cap Haitien, Haiti and partners with other Region XIII churches to assist St. Marc’s, Trouin.

Trinity, Washington, 2010 – Present, partners with other Region XIII churches to support St. Marc Episcopal Church and School in Trouin.

Virginia Theological Seminary, 2012 – Present, supported Haiti Micah Project, and encourages those who give to the Chapel for the Ages campaign to tithe to the Haiti Cathedral fund.

Picures from St. Timothy's, Herdon's trip in December 2012.

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