Grants & Mission Funding

Diocesan Funded Grants:

Mustard Seed Grants

Deadlines for 2018: Letter of Inquiry-February 12; Full Proposal-March 16.

Mustard Seed Grants are available in the areas of youth and college ministries; local outreach; world mission; and strengthening local churches. Churches, regions and college chaplaincies are eligible for this competitive grant, which works to strengthen the various ministries of the Diocese.

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Also, read about how these grants are assisting vital programs within the Diocese on Stories of the Diocese blog.

  • Guidelines for 2018 Grant Cycle in PDF and Word.
  • Application for 2018 Grant Cycle in PDF and Word.

The Bishop Peter J. Lee Endowment for Small Church Revitalization

Deadlines for 2017: Letter of Inquiry-February 10; Full Proposal-March 17.

The Peter J. Lee Small Church Revitalization Fund is a separate endowment founded in 2001. To be eligible, a church (only churches are eligible) must have an average Sunday attendance of less than 200 persons. Grants may be used to assist small churches in their revitalization, preservation, expansion, and, where appropriate, merger and closing. The intent of these grants is to spur small churches to gather internal resources to meet their ministry needs. Small Church Revitalization grants are to be made on a one-to-one matching basis only.

  • Guidelines for 2017 Grant Cycle in PDF and Word.
  • Application for 2017 Grant Cycle in PDF and Word.

Fund for Short-Term Mission Grants

Grants are available year-round.

The Diocese has established, and the Committee of Mission and Outreach oversees, the Fund for World Mission. This Fund is designed to provide grants to individuals and parishes who need support for short term mission trips. Download and print an application.

Under the Fund program, an individual may apply for a grant of up to $250 and a parish may apply for a grant of up to $500. Generally only one grant may be made, however, in connection with the same mission trip.

The application for a grant from the Fund requires various information about the mission opportunity, other funding sources and similar information. If you have any questions concerning eligibility for a Fund grant or the grant application process, please contact Mary Anne Bryant.

Youth Mission Vouchers

To support the participation of youth on mission trips, the bishop provides a $200 youth mission voucher to all youth (under 19 years old) following their confirmation. Click here for an application or call 1-800-DIOCESE.

  • To redeem, submit the voucher with an application prior to taking the youth trip.
  • Confirmand must use voucher for a trip to be taken before his/her 19th birthday.
  • Voucher can only be used by a member in good standing in a church in the Diocese of Virginia.
  • Prior to trip, the confirmand must attend a pre-mission orientation program.
  • Confirmand must seek out other resources or commit him/herself to co-fund the trip.
  • Confirmand must be affirmed by his/her faith community (i.e., the vestry).
  • The purpose of the trip must be entirely service-oriented.
  • Money will be sent directly to the confirmand's parish.

Youth mission vouchers may be used in addition to any other grants received by the mission team. For more information or questions concerning the youth mission trip voucher program, please contact Mary Anne Bryant.

The Episcopal Church Funded Grants:

The Episcopal Church offers the following grants to further the mission of the Church. For more information on these ministries please visit the Episcopal Church website or contact Mary Anne Bryant (800-DIOCESE x1017) in the Office of Mission and Outreach.

United Thank Offering Grants

Application due to the Diocese of Virginia for grant offered by the United Thank Offering through the Office of the Presiding Bishop. 

The United Thank Offering addresses compelling human need through grants to projects that alleviate poverty, at home and abroad. The Diocese of Virginia may only present one domestic project grant request, one international project grant request and one young adult grant request to the national offices of The Episcopal Church. A Diocese of Virginia committee will review applications and select one from each category (domestic, international and young adult). To learn more about the criteria of the 2017 UTO grant year please review this link. Applications can be downloaded here.

Completed 2017 domestic/international grant applications due DOV for review - February 17, 2017.
Domestic/International Grant Requests, due from diocesan office to UTO by March 3, 2017.
Send your completed applications to Mary Anne Bryant in the Office of Mission and Outreach. The applicants will then present to the committee, who will select one application to forward to the national office of The Episcopal Church.

Jubilee Ministries

Jubilee Ministries are congregations or agencies with connections to the Episcopal Church, designated by diocesan bishops and affirmed by Executive Council, whose mission work affects the lives of those in need, addressing basic human needs and justice issues. To see what qualifications are needed to be a Jubilee Ministry please click here.